A little flutter?

Advisory note – this post is only loosely connected with wedding photography in Melbourne.

I love Australian weddings, with their relaxed make-it-your-own kind of style and ceremonies just about anywhere, but I have to say, there is just one little tradition that I miss from the UK that doesn’t seem to have been adopted here. It’s something I’m surprised hasn’t taken off, because this country doesn’t mind a bet or two!

In the UK during the reception when the bridal party, groom and father of the bride are starting to think about launching into their speeches, a pint glass is to be found circulating the room filled with pound coins (or £5 notes if it’s a fancy wedding!) and a sheet of paper covered in names and scribbles.
In exchange for your ‘donation’ to the pot, you get the chance to accurately predict either the length of the groom’s speech or the length of the speeches overall. The person with the closest guess wins the pot. Simple.

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Whilst I’m not encouraging anyone to gamble, it’s often good fun and is always gets the guests talking and don’t forget the best advice about gambling folks – only bet what you can afford to lose!

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