Finding a Melbourne wedding photographer

We all know that planning your Melbourne wedding photography can be a difficult choice so it’s a good idea to look around for a wedding photographer that is both within budget and suited to your style. Here we offer a few tips on what to look for when selecting your affordable Melbourne wedding photographer to capture the day you would like to remember it.

Photographers will naturally show you their best work, and if their best work does not appeal to you, then you should look elsewhere.

Try to imagine yourself in the photos – do you fit in? If you want relaxed casual photos, you need to see photos that have a relaxed casual feeling. If you want edgy, artistic photos or something more traditional, that is what they should show you.

A photographers personality is important. Spending a large part of your wedding day with someone who you find irritating is going to end in tears! Make sure you meet the photographer who will be shooting your wedding and talk to them. Do they make you feel at ease and relaxed? The more relaxed you feel on your wedding day, the more natural you will look in your photos.

Choosing a professional photographer entitles you to expect that they will behave in a professional manner and they should provide you with a contract describing exactly what they are providing. They should be able to answer all of your questions confidently and make suggestions about photography locations in Melbourne or the Yarra Valley.

Most importantly, they should be prepared for any situation. Your Melbourne and Yarra Valley wedding photographers should carry back up cameras, have back up plans to cover bad weather and be able to think on their feet when the unexpected happens.

With weddings often busting their budgets, you need to make your choices based on what you can afford. Your photographs are, however, one of the few items on your wedding budget that are an investment rather than an expense, with their value growing into the future and your old age. If you find the photographer you like, but they are a little expensive, you can always examine your budget to see if you can downsize some aspects in order to book the best photographer.