How to find a great wedding photographer

Celebrant Maree has been celebrating love for over fourteen years, and in that time has worked alongside many fabulous, and shall we say, not so fabulous wedding photographers.

This experience has inspired her to impart some hints and tips to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to choose your own fab wedding photographer.

Choosing a fab photographer

With the huge increase in smart phone ownership and incredible advances in image technology, everyone, from your 9 year old niece to your beloved grandma, can take very good photos on their devices. However, only a professional and experienced photographer will find the best light, the best angles and the best settings. You only have one opportunity to have all the important moments captured on your wedding day so choosing a fab photographer is really important.

So what should you consider when choosing a photographer?

What style of photography do you like?

Check out photographer websites and blogs. You can glean some sense of individual style from these. Do you like documentary style photographs, portrait type photography or a candid, relaxed style? It might take some time to work through this together with your partner. Initially, you may not be on the same style of photography pages so it’s important to have a good chat.

Have you been part of a wedding crew before?

When you’re in a bridal party you spend most of the day with the wedding photographer. Can you remember how the photographer made you and the couple feel? To get the most authentic and natural photos a fab wedding photographer will make everyone feel comfortable, have fun with you and not make you do ridiculous, dorky poses.

To be honest, most of the time you shouldn’t even notice that the photographer is present. Their role is to be in the background capturing natural, candid “in the moment” shots. Personal referrals to a photographer is a great way to find your photographer.

Get in touch with the photographer

You’re going to spend a big part of your wedding day with your photographer so it’s really important that you have a good connection with them, and vice versa.

Meet with your photographer face to face to get the vibe of your photographer.

Does the conversation come easily? How would they describe their own style and approach? How do they dress on the day? Are they familiar with the location and surrounds of your ceremony/reception venue?

You can be sure that this having this meeting can show a realistic reflection of the photographer’s personality, professional presentation and style.

Check out their work and packages

Photographers have differing styles and options. Do you want an album? A large canvas to hang on your lounge room wall? Fully understand the details of their packages, offerings and services and feel free to ask any questions.

There’s no denying that there are so many choices that you need to make when organising your wedding. It’s so important to choose the wedding supplier crew that you feel supremely comfortable and happy with.

Just as choosing your fab celebrant (yes, of course I had to slip this in!), equally choosing the right photographer for you is one you really don’t want to mess up.

Your wedding day photos will be cherished for many years to come. So make sure you take the time to do your research, chat to your trusted friends and family, and above all, choose the photographer who feels right for you and your partner.


With some great advice for selecting the ideal wedding photographer for your wedding, it’s now time to start researching marriage celebrants!  Click here to visit Celebrant Maree’s website.