Interview with Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane

Ok, so this isn’t strictly wedding photography related but I stumbled across it the other day so I thought I’d share.
Back in 2007 I was lucky enough to interview Family Guy Creator Seth Macfarlane for the Daily Mirror in London. He was plugging the release of a DVD and I was quite interested to hear what the writer of a borderline bad taste and at times offensive comedy had to say.

Well, here it is:

Much like Stewie the wanabee murderous baby in The Family Guy wants to be disassociated with his family, his creator, Seth MacFarlane seems to want to keep his own country at arms length too,
“You’re in the land of the jesus freaks….I’m not comfortable with that. I’m very tired of it. You hear how logical and rational, places like England for the most part are.”

Fortunately the Griffin family help him get a few things off his chest. Talking about Fox Tv show that airs the series in the US, Seth says “We’re allowed to get away with a little more on Fox – they are expected to be a little edgier than other networks. The news and entertainment division are like two different networks. My impression is that they are a very open minded and progressive organisation”
The DVD release has given him even more freedom to push the taste boundaries. “We’re allowed to get a little racier than we usually do, you know. There is a Bugs Bunny parody – cartoon violence.
Elmer Fudd taking direct shots at Bugs Bunny.”

Never the most PC of cartoons, it comes in for occasional criticism of it’s representation of minority groups – no group is safe. When asked about the Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa Seth doesn’t think she has come in for any “undue attention. Other characters have come in for more flak.”
“I think the asian community has recognised that character as what it is – a comment on local american news with the white presenters in the ‘safe’ jobs in the studio while the ethnic reporter is sent
out in the field to report on the tornado.”

“I think it’s very fashionable to say nowadays what Im about to say but I dont watch alot of tv, I really dont. if i watch tv then i buy the box sets. I love the Sopranos, I loved the office.
I haven’t seen the american version… need to after Ricky Gervais. That was a genius character.
He reminds me of the Robert De Niro character in King of Comedy – he just makes your skin just fucking crawl.
I haven’t seen Extras yet but I’ve taped them all.”

What would Stewie watch on TV?
“Oh boy! Thats a tough one off the cuff. Stewie’s ideal
show would probably be Upstairs, Downstairs. Something classic….while wearing a smoking jacket. He’d probably watch Poirot or Sex and the City – because he’s quite gay.”

So, is Stewie gay?

“We actually keep it free – we get a lot of jokes out of it. Sometimes he’s straight sometimes he’s gay. It seems he’s confused and can’t decide whether he is straight or gay.”
Okay, thats the sexuality covered, how about his faux British accent?
“You know, I watched a lot of brit comedy growing up, at least the giants of british comedy like Monty Python etc. I guess I based the accent mainly on Rex Harrison though.”
And the random scary monkey?
“The monkey in Chris’ wardrobe. Someone else came up with that idea. A colleague started doing this really contorted demonic face, and even the pose, and I just grabbed a piece of paper and tried to sketch it out. It kind of came out in a late night.
Kind of a kids nightmare ‘thing’ in the wardrobe. It’s funny when you think that for 3 years it’s just been spent giving Chris a scare but never doing anything.”

A little known Seth Mcfarlane fact:
Seth was meant to be on board on the AA flight that crashed into the twin towers –
“I was drinking the night before and the travel agent had got my flight times muddled so I had the wrong flight time and ended
up getting to the gate too late.”

Stewie : The Untold Story is out now to buy on DVD.

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