Key Wedding Photography Moments

You big day has arrived. And yes, it’s only one day. This means that your wedding photographer has quite a narrow window in which to capture all of those fleeting wedding moments.

It’s important to establish a list of essential shots before the wedding day, to ensure that everything – from the details of the dress, to the beaming smile on the groom’s face when he sees the bride walk down the aisle – are captured on camera.

Make sure that you have a range of delicate detail-shots. These include accessories, as well as dress features even the places names on the tables. You’ll be amazed at how all of these smaller minutiae pass you by in the buzz of the reception. Ensure they’re not forgotten by having them photographed in all their glory before they’re promptly packed away or hidden by food and drink.

Preparation photographs are standard wedding photography fare, and are a wonderful way to preserve all of those pre-wedding thrills and spills. Bride-and-parents shots can be particularly special for all concerned. It’s also a great way to get some fun, candid shots of the bride interacting with her bridesmaids. Substitute solemn, posed photos with more spontaneous shots.

For the groomsmen, getting-ready images are often good fun. The lads do tend to be finished dressing much sooner than the ladies, so why don’t you suggest some fun shots with the groom’s party? Get some candid images of them sharing jokes, enjoying a drink or taking a walk.

Don’t forget your guests. Reception photographs are important, as they often capture some things you may have missed. Grandparents ripping up the dance floor? Best man taking advantage of the open bar? A dexterous photographer will ensure that nothing escapes the lens. These images tend to be both surprising and touching, and give a more unprompted impression of the wedding day.
Thankfully, most photographers have long lists of standard shots they generally try to capture. Consult with us before the big day to detail what you would like to be photographed to help tell your individual story.

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