Left of centre

By their own admission, Carly and Sam were never going to be the traditional bride and groom. And I’m unlikely to ever be the traditional wedding photographer. So we clicked.
It’s not often you get to hear about kebabs and colour blindness in a couple’s vows!
Photos (including their rainbow wedding cake!) from their day coming soon, but in the meantime this is what they had to say:

Not being overly photo-y people, and with a dash of weirdness to boot, we needed someone that understood what we wanted out of our wedding photos, without telling us what we should have for a wedding.
That’s where Simon comes in. After a long and frustrating search, we happened on his website and knew straight away that he was what we were after.
Not afraid to play a little bit left of centre, Simon was easy going, energetic, and good humoured about the sort of things we wanted. He really blended into the crowd at the reception, which resulted in some great candid shots, and our portraits were stunning.
Great value, and coolest USB ever. Thanks again for everything.

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