Marina & James’ St Agnes Homestead Wedding

St Agnes Homestead in Kyneton is a boutique style retreat with accommodation, that also hosts a limited number of weddings in the gardens each summer.  Marina & James were married there earlier this year and I was the lucky chap that got to photograph it for them.

Nestled in the hills just on the edge of Kyneton it’s one of my favourite wedding venues around, being close to awesome restaurants, surrounded by beautiful scenery and carrying that relaxed country vibe.

Wedding photography in Kyneton is a photographer’s dream with so many gorgeous locations to choose from, and I’m not just talking about the numerous photography options at St Agnes.  Kyneton has the quaint Piper Street with it’s cafes and antique shops as well as loads of great country and bush options literally just off Piper street. It’s also nice and close to the relaxing waters of Hepburn Springs which has got to be a good thing for pre/post wedding relaxation!

Following a late afternoon ceremony conducted by marriage celebrant Maree Livy, Marina & James enjoyed cocktails in the courtyard and barn area before they joined me for photos at the nearby Old Kyneton Hospital, Piper Street and the beautiful grounds, vines, veggie gardens and fields of St Agnes Homestead.

As with all good weddings; feasting, speeches and enthusiastic dancing followed!


Are you getting married in Kyneton?  I’d love to have a chat about your wedding photography plans!