Mind the Gap

I’ve always loved the London Underground.  I obviously whinged about it every day when I lived in London – that’s just what you do when your train is delayed by a minute and the next one isn’t due for another 3 minutes!

Naturally, the black bogies, leaking tunnels and lack of air conditioning aren’t ideal, but it’s still an amazing network for getting around the city.

Once again, this is another post that isn’t really related to wedding photography but I did meet my other half on the tube – that kind of qualifies, right?!   No, she wasn’t a ticket inspector, fare dodger, pickpocket or busker. She is Australian, and somehow didn’t receive the ‘no talking to strangers on the tube’ memo when she departed Melbourne for London.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this poignant short film, based on a true story about the widow of the ‘Mind the Gap’ station announcer who used to visit the tube following his death just to hear his voice.