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This review popped up on Google today from Rob & Simone. It’s lovely to hear couples enjoying their photos so much!

You know that feeling you get when you find an old photo? …. and it just brings back the moment? The feelings, the place, the smells, the sounds, even the people you were with? When our wedding photos arrived from Simon we were just taken back to our special day – from leaving the house (and the realisation my father had left his flies down!!) to the lovely old church, to my husbands (I love that word – husband) parents’ beautiful garden and finally to the reception in our garden. We could remember every moment, every detail, through Simon’s fantastic story in pictures and we laughed and we cried all over again ….
All our friends and family thought Simon was a relative of mine from the UK because he just was a part of our day and as a result everyone just relaxed and enjoyed it.
We have wonderful memories of our happiest day together so far and we know in the future when we find an old photo it will take us back to that day and that moment and no doubt we will laugh or cry all over again…
Thank you Simon x
R and S December 2013

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