Pericoota Station

Do you dream to arrive at your wedding venue riding a horse, aboard a paddle steamer or perhaps even by helicopter? At Pericoota Station, all of these options are possible and happen quite often!

With its lush manicured gardens that have seen the best of 150 years, the stunning wedding venue of Pericoota Station is a picture perfect setting and each ceremony can be specially designed to suit your style and wedding day plans.

Secluded Bush Location

Pericoota Station is reasonably secluded and located about 25 kilometers away from the closest shop, nestled in the west of Moama/Echuca on the Murray’s Moama side. While this is officially in New South Wales, it’s a three hour drive from Melbourne and not far from Echuca. When you decide to hold your wedding ceremony here, you can be sure that your photos will feature the famous Murray River as this property of 140 hectares boasts an expansive river frontage.

What You’ll Find at Pericoota Station

The property was built during the early 1840s on the rich land aside the Murray but the origins of the homestead composed of a total of nine bedrooms date back to the year 1861. The moment you step inside, prepare to be in awe with the grand entrance, the extra high ceilings and the large reception rooms. If these are not enough, be ready to fall in love with the property’s famous antique mahogany table in the dining room which can seat 20 guests. This table came with the homestead when Mark Evans purchased it during the later part of 2010.

Step outside the back door and in a couple of minutes, you will find yourself face to face with the stunning Murray River. Here, you will find the exclusive pontoon of the property, complete with chairs, table and even a barbecue. The pontoon and riverside gardens are ideal locations for rustic and natural style wedding photos.  The country theme and

Your guests will be kept entertained on the property, with a completely fenced in-ground pool,  lots of playing space for kids, billiards table for the bigger kids and the surround sound system and large screen TV for those who want to make it a relaxing break. You will also find a scullery and well-equipped kitchen within the property.

Indulge in a Pericoota Station Experience

Following your wedding, you might like to enjoy strolling around the expanse of the property and seeing for yourself its mature parkland and gardens dotted with palms which have stood in the property for hundreds of years and the elderly citrus groves with the Murray River serving as the perfect frontage.  If you have time a few days before the wedding to aquaint yourself with the grounds, you’ll certainly find numerous locations you’ll want to include in your session with your wedding photographer. The palms are really grand and would make an excellent addition to photos.

This is also the perfect chance for you and your spouse to absorb the exciting rich history of the property that was once was a massive 48,000 hectares but have been whittled down in size over the last 160 years.

The nearby Port of Echuca is worth a visi , from where you can take a trip on the paddle streamer up the Murray River. Most of the boats that operate today have been working in the river since the late 1800s.

The area around Pericoota Station is rich in Australian history with postcard perfect landscapes and views which will offer classic Australian scenery in which to set your wedding photography.