Ten Minutes by Tractor

Good food and restaurants have the power to win our hearts in seconds, especially the ones we have chosen for special occasions. This is true of  Ten Minutes by Tractor, a winery and a restaurant located in Main Ridge, Mornington Peninsula.

Ten Minutes by Tractor is the perfect choice for fine dining and celebrating the most important events in our lives, such as weddings. The cool climate and the rustic charm of the Mornington Peninsula contribute to a wedding atmosphere that will be remembered long after the food has been enjoyed and the wine savoured.

About the Vineyards, Wines, and the Cellar

The Estate consists of three main vineyards planted in the 1900s – Judd Vineyard, McCutcheon Vineyard, and Wallis Vineyard. The other three vineyards, among which the first organically certified vineyard, were added later.

Individual treatment of the vines and meticulous planning make the fruit complex and rich in taste. After the wine making process is done, the finished product is kept in French oak barrels for better quality and flavour.

Most of the production is Pinot Noir, followed by Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Tempranillo.

However, Ten Minutes by Tractor’s cellars store a variety of wines. Wine enthusiasts can enjoy not only the wines from the Estate but the drops of the finest wines from around the world, such as Shiraz and Pinot Meunier.

The Restaurant

The restaurant offers a contemporary menu with the finest dishes made by chef Stuart Bell. These dishes are accompanied by a wine list with around 400 wines from different regions and winemakers.

The quality of wines is inspected by the manager and head sommelier Jacques Savary de Bauregard. Maître d’, Graham Kinsey, on the other hand, ensures the events deliver a perfect personal experience.

Although the restaurant doesn’t market itself as a Mornington Peninsula wedding venue, you can book the restaurant for intimate wedding receptions. The 34 hectares of vineyards that surround the restaurant also offers lovely scenery for wedding photography.

Even though it’s a small restaurant limited to 50 people, a wedding party here has a personal touch, making it completely individual for every client. Moreover, guests will be delighted with the picturesque setting and fine dining.

Ten Minutes by Tractor also has a bistro and bar called Petit Tracteur. Here you can enjoy a selection of wines from the bar menu while tasting French-inspired dishes.

The vineyards of Mornington Peninsula are inviting scenery for your special day. Apart from the restaurant, the vineyards, and the cellar, you might like to also enjoy the relaxing properties of the Peninsula Hot Springs before or after the wedding day.

Ten Minutes by Tractor is a really great option for smaller intimate weddings and as the beautiful Estate opens its doors to a cellar with around 400 wines, you’ll be able to select some of the finest wines with which to celebrate your day! Enjoy every moment!