The Minya


Finding the best wedding venue is probably one of the hardest things to do for wedding preparation. If you want a place that offers you a complete package of a well suited wedding venue in the Torquay and Geelong area, there is no need to hunt much further than The Minya.

A Quick Overview of The Minya

In 1974, Jeff and Sue Dans established The Minya. Its name means the “Place of Many Birds” to preserve the area’s heritage. Located at the Surfcoasts, it is the finest wedding venue for relaxing entertainment and fine wines, overlooking a picturesque and tranquil billabong. This makes the winery a perfect setting to enjoy evening meals, host an event, conference or party, and to attend a summer concert series at its outdoor amphitheatre.

The Minya is also a great venue for event and weddings alike, providing picturesque views from the spacious function room as well as a balcony overlooking the magnificent wetlands. With over 30 years of experience in catering, the menu can be tailored to your tastes and can be designed to match on your unique needs and allotted budget. Dishes are made to compliment the best wines available at any given time at The Minya.

The venue’s function room can accommodate up to a hundred individuals. There is also an optional bar that’s made available to cater all your guests needs.

The Minya’s Exceptional Cellar Door

The Minya doesn’t just take great pride in its function room, but also its cellar door. They offer a variety of wines that includes the following:

  • Merlot/Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine is known for its vibrant color with rich fruit flavors and a delightful bouquet. This is aged in American oak barriques and new French.

  • Grenache

It’s making a strong revival and the ones from The Minya are the only vines that are planted in this region. The wine is in bright plum red color and has an attractive dusty nose. Grenache is perfect with pasta and best when served chilled on a hot summer day.

  • Chardonnay

Chardonnay of The Minya is unoaked and shows the complex and delightful fruit flavors of ripened chardonnay. The wine is also a great choice with white meats and seafood.

The grounds at The Minya are rambling and kept in a very natural state which is part of their charm.  Couples who are keen to have some sort of rustic feel to their wedding photography will be pleased with the selection of locations and landscapes on offer. Sunset at the end of summer is a gorgeous time for wedding photos, with the ligh starting to soften much earlier in the day than at other times of the year. The only drawback of being near wetlands is that there can be plenty of mosquitoes so don’t forget to bring some repellent. As a wedding photographer who likes to have every eventuality covered, I often keep a few cans in the boot of my car to keep the pesky bugs at bay!

The Minya Cottages

Aside from the wines and amazing function room, The Minya has cottages to offer. It has 2 cabins that are located in separate areas within the property. Both of these cottages are fully self-contained and can accommodate two people. There is no TV, spa, or phone here. But, The Minya is pleased to provide privacy, wetlands, and rural views with tons of bird life.

The Caretakers Cottage is very secluded and has gas appliances. It’s a perfect place to relax while reading books, escaping the city or just starting your honeymoon. A stroll to the jetty or soaking up the view is one of the few activities on offer.

The Minya is just five minutes from Breamlea. Barwon and Torquay and is easily reached by road.  Ten minutes away and there are countless shops, restaurants, surf, and golf on offer for those who like to be a bit more active after their wedding.