Same sex marriage in Australia

Did you see the news that same sex couples have been given the nod to be married in British embassy and consulate buildings in Australia?  And you know what?  There is a UK consulate office on Collins Street in Melbourne!

The only catch is that at least one of the marrying couple has to be a British national.

In terms of marriage equality it’s not as fair and all encompassing as most of us would like, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

So, if you or your partner is a pom and you plan on getting married after June 2014, I’d love to be there to take some snaps!  After all, this is something worth celebrating, right?!

If you’re looking for a relaxed Melbourne wedding photographer to shoot your wedding then please get in touch as I’d love to chat with you about what you have planned.

UPDATE Thankfully, since this post was originally published, same sex marriage has been legalised in Australia. And about bloody time too!

So, no trotting off to some embassy, pretending that we’re not on Australian soil in order to get married by someone from another country. Same sex couples can get married wherever the funk they like, and we’re very happy about it!

We don’t care what your orientation is – we just love photographing people in love on one of their most important days of their life and you know where we are if you want to chat about YOUR wedding plans as we’d love to be a part of them!

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