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Same Sex Marriage

Gay friendly photographer, same sex photographer and same sex wedding specialist are all terms I’ve seen used rather alot lately by wedding photographers and other suppliers wanting to grab a slice of the same sex weddings that are going to be held in the coming months.

I’ve also received numerous phone calls from advertising directories such as Pink Pages pushing their offerings and how I should endear my business to same sex couples. Meh. I’ll just endear myself to everybody, thanks!

As a wedding supplier, it doesn’t matter what a client’s sexual orientation is. I treat all clients equally and give them the professional photography service they’re looking for.

I won’t be marketing myself as ‘gay-friendly’ or a ‘same sex wedding photography specialist’ as I believe it should go without saying.  Of course I’m friendly to same sex couples, just as I would be female-male couples. It’s a given.

Whoever you are getting married to, I’d be delighted to chat with you about being your wedding photographer.  I am pleased to add that I’ll be friendly, a specialist in my area and treat you and your partner in a professional manner and with respect. Just as before.

Your wedding won’t have a straight or gay label attached – it’s a wedding.  Let’s get on with it!