St Anthony’s Shrine, Hawthorn

I always find it interesting going to a new church as they all have something unique about them.  Take the vibrant blue doors of St. Thomas Aquinas in Toorak, for example – it’s a little gem, that not many people know about!

Anyway, Antonio and Tian’s recent wedding took me to St Anthony’s Shrine on Power Street in Hawthorn/Kew, which was built in the 1960’s by the incoming Italian migrant community.  Whilst it’s exterior does little to excite me, it’s interior is truly spectacular – it made me feel like a tourist in Sicily for a moment!

st-anthonys-shrine-church kew-melbourne

Friar Robert Stewart describes it as being “like a village church”, and I think he’s onto something there as it’s fairly large but does feel very intimate and welcoming.

Anyway, just thought I’d share my recent church adventures!  For a man who isn’t religious, I do find it quite amusing that I seem to spend plenty of time in church!

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