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Choosing between all the Melbourne Wedding Photographers

So, you’ve made the decision to get married and have put the date on the calendar in very large letters. Possibly surrounded by hearts, possibly with the biggest most Sharpie you could find. Either way, you’re pretty flippin’ excited…. So, now comes some of the hard word before you can enjoy your day.

How and where to find recommended wedding photographers, celebrants, florists, car hire, make up artists, a venue… I could go on, but suffice to say, there is rather alot to get sorted, and most of it probably hasn’t been encountered before.

Well, I know you’re thinking – cut to the chase man! – how DO we do it? Your friend and mine, Google.

Personally I would ask around all my friends first for personal recommendations on wedding suppliers in Melbourne, and then I would jump on google to fill in the blanks and double check some of those recommendations for a mate of a mate who knows somebody else that does this or that cheaply.

Sure, I love a bargain too, but I also know you sometimes get what you pay for… So, you google the words ‘best wedding photographer melbourne‘ and are bamboozled by the 310,000 results that are delivered. Let’s just hope that one of your aforementioned friends had a name they could offer. If they didn’t, then it’s time to dive in and start sorting the wheat from the chaff. Trust me, there will be more chaff than wheat!

Want a tip? Check out the reviews for recommended wedding photographers in Melbourne, as these will be a great guide for discovering what others have to say. When a photographer has several decent reviews, you know you’re on the right track. If they have more than ten, and they all look to be 4 or 5 stars then there is a good chance you have scored a winner! Pick up the phone and get going with the enquiry, as quality wedding professionals are often booked up more than a year in advance.

OK, maybe your search criteria is a little different – perhaps your priority is the budget, so you’re searching for an affordable Melbourne wedding photographer instead. Well, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and disguises. You’ll need to check out the reviews for the budget end of the market – some of the work is pretty average and again, you get what you pay for. We’re not advising against it, simply saying be careful!

Concentrate on one supplier – perhaps the ‘key’ people who you feel are important to your day. Once you have them locked in then, the chances are that they will be able to recommend other wedding related businesses.

For instance, we have a handful of trusted celebrants that we have worked with previously and love to hand out their details as we know they do a great job and clients love them.
They also know how to work with photographers and videographers which keeps us happy too so everyone ends up being a winner! If you need some names of quality celebrants in the Melbourne area – just ask!

Hopefully that has given you some food for thought

Why I love Melbourne wedding photography

As much as I enjoy all the photography work I do, ranging from corporate portraits and conference photography through to red carpets and live music events, I have to admit that I really love my Melbourne wedding photography work the most.

And do you know the reason why? Super clients and gorgeous wedding details aside, I think it’s the city that makes the experience so fun for me.

Sure, we could be in Queensland with the their cloudless blue skies and 30c temps every day, but after a while the whole notion of perfection wears a bit thin.

That’s where Melbourne excels!

We have beaches with gorgeous white sand down on the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsulas, beautiful vineyards and rolling hills in the nearby Yarra Valley (not forgetting Redhill either!), plus the manicured gardens of the city accompanied by it’s stunning architecture.

Where else can you be at the end of the pier (St Kilda) for some stunning seascape and beach shots and then within 10 minutes be back amongst the columns of the Goldrush era buildings of Treasury, Hotel Windsor and Parliament House. There is elegance and history that can’t be imitated or replicated elsewhere.

By now we’ve already used up 2 hours of photography time and I haven’t even mentioned the numerous laneways, colourful graffiti and alternative areas of Brunswick and Northcote. We know some fabulous Melbourne wedding photography locations in those areas so please ask if you would like some ideas for your bridal portraits.

The city’s great vibe also rubs off on people – Melbourne couples are generally relaxed and easy going (yes, even on their wedding day!) and it really shows through in the photos, with a calm, happy and relaxed demeanour allowing the photographer to play with the light and the location without any added pressure. We also find that our clients allow us to do our job, trusting us that we know the best locations for photography, all the while helping us become the best wedding photographers in Melbourne. And for that we thank you!

So, if you’re looking for an recommended Melbourne wedding photographer and would like to hear our ideas for your wedding or just chew the photography fat, then please get in touch.

Recent feedback for Melbourne Photographer Wedding Snapper

Laura & David’s beautiful wedding at RipponLea was a joy to photograph, and I guess that joy came through in the photographs.  Check out their recent feedback :

“Brilliant! We wanted a candid, journalistic type of wedding photography – natural photos of people dancing, smiling, laughing etc, rather than stiff portrait shots. Simon met this brief perfectly, and I couldn’t be happier. It was also great that he just gave us a DVD of all the shots, so we didn’t have to pay ridiculous amounts for prints. He did a great job of blending into the crowd at the reception and capturing people having fun!

Simon only moved from England not that long ago, and I think this is the reason his prices are affordable (to build a business base) – I wouldn’t be surprised if he was charging $$$$$ in a few years time – the quality of his work warrants it. Thanks.”

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