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I turn my back for a moment….

…and the groom somehow acquires a clutch purse and 4 small dogs!

Having finished the portraits of the couple at the Botanical Gardens and ACDC Lane I thought it would just be a short walk up Flinders Lane to Rachel & Rhys’ wedding venue White Lane.

Rhys had other ideas!

I really get a kick out of the random moments that can occur on a wedding day and this photo probably sums up the mood of that particular day more than anything else I photographed.




I love being surprised by the unplanned moments on a wedding day so if you’re open to letting the day unfold and having me photograph all the usual bits and bobs as well as some as the more candid moments in between then I’d love to chat with you! Think along the lines of relaxed wedding photography with a photojournalist or documentary style tilt. Kinda….





How do I describe my style?

I was completing a questionnaire from a student photographer recently and became slightly stuck on one particular question.

How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

I thought for a bit and then started listing words like casual, candid, relaxed, natural etc.

Whilst they are all applicable and I’ve certainly used them all in the past, with 3 of them are currently listed on my business card, I didn’t feel like they really described what I try to do when I’m photographing a wedding.

Then I remembered this shot that I took in London before relocating to Melbourne – please excuse the quality, but the original is MIA. Probably in a very safe place…

It doesn’t exactly describe what I wanted to say, but it gives a good idea of the way I go about things and what I’m thinking when I’m behind the camera at a wedding.  So if you’ve seen me poking around as if I’m looking for something when I’ve been working – it’s probably because I’ve been trying to ‘find’ a photo!

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