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FREE iPad when you book a 10 hour Melbourne wedding photography package this month

Yes, you did read that correctly!

Melbourne’s Wedding Snapper is pleased to be offering a FREE iPad when you book an all-day (10 hour) wedding photography package before February 28 2018.

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The not-so small print :

Bookings must be made and a 50% deposit paid prior to February 28 2018. Offer limited to first 10 customers booking at least 10 hours of wedding photography. iPad is 32GB WiFi model. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer and does not apply to previous bookings.

Read some wedding photography reviews first!

Help Nepal

Are you planning on booking your wedding photography with us?

Pay your deposit before May 31, 2015 and we’ll donate $100 to the Australian Red Cross Nepal appeal for each couple that book. Lets try and help some people who are having a pretty rubbish time at the moment!

And if you’re in a giving kind of mood you can donate directly at www.redcross.org.au


Eynesbury Estate Weddings – one of Melbourne’s hidden gems

Wedding Photography at Eynesbury

I’ve just arrived back from a trip to meet a Melbourne couple at their chosen wedding venue – Eynesbury Estate.
‘Where?!’ I hear you ask. I said something similar. Well, put your worries aside as the wedding photography at Eynesbury is going to be gorgeous!

Eynesbury estate

Eynesbury is an old station nestled between Werribee and Melton, but feels like you’re in the middle of the bush 200km from the city. It really is a special place and has undergone recent renovations so, although it still has a rustic country feel, it’s also got an award winning restaurant, beautiful manicured lawns and a championship golf course.

eynesbury wedding photography

After a stroll around the estate this morning, I am SO excited about shooting this March wedding – keep an eye out for the photos on the blog when planning your Affordable Melbourne Wedding Photography

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Great family run wedding venues in the Yarra Valley

I’ve been out and about scouting locations for wedding photography in the Yarra Valley this week and came across the fabulous Tokar Estate.

tokar estate wedding photography

Family owned and run, this little gem has an incredible restaurant, an amazing cellar door with several award winning wines, as well as sweeping views of their vineyards and the Yarra Valley beyond.

The restaurant is ideally suited to weddings and can cater for up to 100 guests.

tokar estate wedding photography

Is it important for my photographer to have shot at my wedding venue before?

I get asked this question alot. In short the answer is “No.” It really isn’t important for your photographer to have shot at the location before. Any skilled photographer is going to be able to shoot at any location.

I photograph weddings all around Australia and often don’t get to see the location until I arrive and start shooting.
Photographers look for light and that is where they will gravitate. Next they look for background or textures. On any given property there will only be a handful of locations truly worth shooting and they will be instantly apparent to most photographers with a keen eye.

So why do you so often hear that it is so important? Many photographers are on a vendor list, one of a recommended few from the venue who have worked at the location before. Venues like to work with people they have worked with before because it makes it easier on everyone. It doesn’t mean they are the best choice of photographer – it may just mean that they are the easiest to work with or that they have a long standing relationship. Also, don’t forget the ‘favours’ that might be exchanged for leads that secure a booking.

Photographers like shooting at good venues close to their house and so make a point of letting you know that they are the right person for the job since they know the property so well and have shot there before.
In reality, it’s just not that important.
In addition, having worked a location one too many times can make them complacent and not really look for new ways to carve amazing images out of a location so it could even wind up being a rehash of last weeks shoot!

In short, select the photographer whose composition, lighting, technical skill, post production, price and personality you like, the rest is simply conjecture.

Let’s Chat About Your Melbourne Wedding Photography

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising!

I love getting reviews of my wedding photography services, so thanks to Laura and Leigh for taking the time to leave one for me – it’s made my day.

From the first meeting we had with Simon, we really warmed to him. What was appealing to us was his relaxed, yet extremely professional approach. We met with 2 other photographers following meeting Simon and although they could have done the job, Simons offering and style was second to none. Simon was so easy to deal with from the moment we booked him, to the day of the wedding. On the big day, he was fantastic. He arrived on time and was barely noticeable whilst capturing our memorable moments, which resulted in some amazing natural shots. The quality of his work is outstanding and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. His beautiful photographs have captured our memories for a lifetime. We highly recommend Simon as a wedding photographer.

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Engagement photography sessions are a great way to warm up for your wedding photography

Part of being a professional wedding photographer, and photographing weddings, is the opportunity to photograph engagement sessions. These sessions are always important to me because, where possible, I like to spend time with a couple before their wedding day to learn more about them and make them at ease in front of the camera.
It gives me a chance to see if they are nervous in front of the camera or more natural. I can see if they like being posed or respond better to a more casual photojournalistic style of wedding photography. It also gives the couple a chance to begin to get used to having a photographer around taking lots of pictures. For may people this is a unique occurrence, even if they like having their photograph taken. Many couples do not realize that a portrait session can be tiring for all those involved so it’s a good insight into what a photography session on wedding might be like.

Here are some tips to help couples get great engagement photographs.

1. Planning

Make sure to have a game plan when it comes to your engagement photographs. You should discuss this with your photographer prior to the actual day of the session. Make sure to have several alternatives. It is always better to have more choices. The best times to photograph are early and late in the day and you will only have a small window of great light.

2. Relax

The engagement session should be a calm affair. If you hire the right photographer you can relax, knowing that you are going to get great images and have great memories preserved. Spend the extra money to hire someone who is good. It will pay off in the long run.

3. Have fun

This goes hand in hand with being relaxed. Don’t forget to have fun during the photography session. In fact I prefer more of the documentary style and do not like to pose or stage my couples. I want them to be as natural as possible, have fun, and show their love for one another. So leave any serious conversations behind and really enjoy yourselves.

4. Be yourself

I am never happy with photographs that do not show the true individual, the real people. Just be yourself. It is fine to become something for a photography session, but I think that the best value lies in the true individual. It is part of that fun, relaxed thing that I mentioned before. People should be real and approachable. If you want to do a high fashion shoot then invest in a separate photography session for that.

5. Know your style

Knowing your personal style, your likes and dislikes, and telling the photographer, will make your images better because they will resonate with you more. Let you photographer know if you are really into the beach or country look, alternative scene, or want an urban feel. This will really feed into the choice of locations and could even influence which photographer you choose.
On the flip side I do not recommend that a photographer take on a style that they either do not like or are not feeling. Forced photographs from either the subject or the photographer will always look forced, so be honest and open.

These tips should help your engagement photography session go smoother and help you to have great images and a great experience. Don’t discount the importance of engagement photographs. They are not just important for their memory-value, but they will make your wedding photographs better and more relaxed.
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