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Wet weather wedding photography locations in Melbourne

wedding photography locations melbourneSo, what if it rains on my wedding day?

I wasn’t planning on writing a post on the heavens opening and lashing you with rain on your wedding day, but came across this image as I was archiving some previous wedding photos and thought I might add it to my Plan B wet weather options list.

You know what they say about having a Plan B?  If you have a back up plan, you won’t need it!  Well, I don’t know anyone that actually says it, but I adhere to this mantra myself and it’s served me pretty well so far!

Most of the time in Melbourne, we’re fortunate with relatively fine weather conditions so even if there is a downpour of rain, you can be fairly confident that it will pass quite quickly allowing you to get back outside again.  Whilst it may not be blue skies and brilliant sunshine, there will be plenty of natural light to carry a photo shoot.

With that said, there are those occasional days when it rains. And rains. And rains.   On these days, you’ll be glad of that Plan B!

I always draw up a list of wet weather wedding photography locations in Melbourne just to cover myself.  The last thing I want is a bride and groom sheltering from the rain with a photographer scratching his head and wondering where to go.

If you’d like to chat about your wedding photography locations then please get in touch as I’ll be able to offer ideas for most eventualities.

In case you’re wondering where this photo was taken, you might be disappointed to learn that it’s in a building that doesn’t allow wedding photography – the foyer of 101 Collins Street.  I wasn’t planning on using it as a location but we were using it as a shortcut to reach Flinders Lane and I rattled off a few frames on the way through.  That said, I would use it again if a client didn’t mind undertaking some spontaneous guerilla wedding photography!  A wet wedding day could be the deciding factor on that one!


Which wedding photography locations in Melbourne can we use if it rains on my wedding day?

Here are a few suggestions of wedding photography locations in Melbourne that you might like to consider if it rains on your wedding day:

Parliament of Victoria

Every man, woman and dog are likely to be here if it’s raining on your wedding day. That said, most Melbourne wedding photographers are a co-operative bunch and want to get the best photos for their clients as well as help out their colleagues so will move along pretty quickly in order to give everyone a fair go at the location.

It works well since it’s undercover, yet still has a very traditional Melbourne look about it – everyone recognises the stone columns and huge carved wooden doors.  Looking out of the building towards the city, you might still be lucky enough to incorporate some of the city into the photos while staying dry.

Fitzroy Town Hall

Sometimes known as the ‘poor man’s Parliament’ due to it’s visual similarity to Parliament but without the recognition and crowds  Located on Napier Street, Fitzroy, this building is usually a little quieter than Parliament but with a design dating back to 1873 it still offers a classic Melbourne look with it’s looming columns and high doorways.  It ticks the undercover location box nicely!

South Melbourne Town Hall

Similar in design to Fitzroy Town Hall, this is another small version of Parliament, and again offers a little respite from the crowds.  Even on a wet day, you might find that you are the only wedding party there.

South Melbourne Market

Close by to the Town Hall is South Melbourne market, and on a sunny day this might not be my first choice for a location, but on a wet day this might be an absolute lifesaver!   Finding the right stall or archway is the key to making this place work.  If all else fails, everyone could pile into the dumpling shops and get their post ceremony feed on – it might make for some fun, if not traditional photos.

101 Collins Street

The foyer of this building is quite grand with chequerboard tiled floors and looming stone columns.  As mentioned above, you might need to act fast as the building doesn’t allow photography. Travel light in a smaller group and you should manage to grab a couple of different looks and angles before attracting too much attention.

Your wedding car

Have you booked a classic car for your wedding transport?  The back seat of a classic car can look awesome in wedding photos and you get to stay dry!  Even a limousine can work with a carefully positioned flash and a bit of space – you might have to kick the bridal party out though!


Melbourne institution, Pelligrinis is often busy, but it can get even busier on a wet day so it’s worth sending a scout ahead to check it out before trying to get in with a whole bridal party.

It’s good to recharge here with a coffee and grab some candid photos of the couple relaxing with friends.  It might also buy the photographer some time to work out where the next stop will be.

Melbourne University

Melbourne University has some beautiful undercover areas including the quadrant and underground car park (which also featured in Mad Max!).

Be warned though, the University does require you to organise and pay for a permit in advance.

Is it raining cats and dogs?  I’d say give it a crack!  After all, what are they going to do apart from kick you out the grounds or hand you an invoice?!

Under a Bridge

A bridge provides shelter and a moody atmosphere for some cracking black and white photos. Again, with the aid of a couple of flashes, the functional underside of the bridge can be given an architectural look and

Bridges in Melbourne that spring to mind are Flinders Street Bridge (with a bar right next door, which is handy!), Spencer Street Bridge and Church Street Bridge.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

The side of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibiton Centre is an expansive and undercover area that can work well for photos.  It can be a bit grey and just a series of jaunty angles fading off into the distance, but it’s definitely a viable option.

Your Hotel

Are you spending your first night as a married couple in a fancy hotel?  Many of the upscale hotels in Melbourne have good foyer areas that can be utilised for wedding photography. The Langham, Crown Promenade and Hotel Windsor all have impressive foyers or aspects of the building that you could utilise

Hotel Windsor

The friendly staff at the Hotel Windsor are always worth speaking to if you find yourself in a pinch.  Suggest leaving the bridal party in the Cricketers bar while the couple use the hotel for photos on the historic stairwell.  It seems like a fair transaction to me!

Get wet!

Who’s afraid of a bit of rain? Grab your umbrella and get out into it for some photos that include the rain. An experienced wedding photographer will know how to illuminate the rain and create a cracker of a photo.

If you need people to hold umbrellas out of shot and keep you dry between shots, grab the groomsmen – they’re job is to help your wedding day run as smoothly as possible so make use of them!


Well, I hope that your wedding day has bright blue skies in the morning, followed by light hazy cloud in the afternoon to give you perfect wedding photography conditions, but if it doesn’t I hope you find the above suggestions useful.

Whatever the weather, don’t forget that you are marrying the person you love and that’s the only thing that really matters!

Melbourne’s CBD Jungle

I love Melbourne for wedding photography as it really does have everything to choose from.

One of my favourite spots at the moment is the CBD jungle that you stumble across when crossing Fitzroy Gardens. There is so much foliage to play with, it’s perfect to work with all year round.

Plus, if you also want some stunning architecture to add to the photos, it’s merely a five minute stroll away (assuming you manage to pass Treasury Gardens without stopping for another photo!). Here is a shot of Libby & Pete’s recent wedding which took in several locations in the gardens for photos.

relaxed wedding photography melbourne

If you’re thinking about wedding photography locations in Melbourne, Fitzroy Gardens wedding photography or simply need some ideas then please feel free to get in touch and chat about it as we’re always happy to share our experiences and throw some random gems into the mix to see what excites you.

Click here to speak to me about YOUR wedding!

The Fitzroy Gardens jungle

Where can I go for wedding photos in Melbourne that has plenty of greenery and looks like it’s in the middle of a huge park?

Well, at the height of summer, one of the best spots you’ll find in Melbourne for lush greenery for your wedding photography are the Fitzroy Gardens.

Not only do they stay lovely and green whatever the drought might be doing elsewhere, but they also grow large and jungle like giving away no clue that you’re pretty much right in the middle of the city.

Here’s a shot from Severine & Luke’s Autumn wedding when everything was at it’s peak.

fitzroy gardens wedding photos

Chat to us about YOUR wedding photography plans!

Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations

Finding the perfect wedding venue is just as important as finding a recommended Melbourne wedding photographer to capture your special day.
Simon of Wedding Snapper, loves to help couples out with their planning and always have some great suggestions for venues that help to create those special wedding photographs that you’ll still be enjoying in years to come.

In no particular order, this Melbourne wedding photographer loves to shoot at:

Motsalvat, for it’s unique and quirky vibe. It’s a great location for really atmospheric wedding photography in Melbourne as it evokes an artisan community of somewhere in Europe. Quite a special and unusual place! Wedding packages also include photography permits in the grounds of the property. The Great Hall, ornamental pond and bluestone chapel are all worth viewing.

The National Trust’s Labassa in Caulfield is a unique heritage listed building with embossed wallpaper, stained glass windows, opulent furniture and a spectacular staircase. Melbourne wedding photography doesn’t get more impressive!

Melbourne’s GPO building is not only great for shopping, but it’s gorgeous arches and incredible architecture lend it to a wedding photography location perfectly. Soft in colour with it’s neutral tones, every bride will look stunning here in the afternoon light. Black and white photography looks fabulous here on a rainy day as it creates such drama in a photograph.

The Hotel Windsor is an iconic Melbourne landmark that needs no introduction. With it’s imposing entrance and grand stature, any bride is going to look stunning with it as a backdrop. The interior staircase is also incredibly grand, with many corridors leading off it for some fun couple photographs.

Carlton’s Royal Exhibition Building is not only one of Melbourne’s most prominent buildings, but it’s also a UNESCO world heritage listed building and more importantly one of our favourite locations for wedding photography in Melbourne. With it’s beautiful dome, manicured gardens, avenue of trees and impressive fountains, it has several impressive locations within a small area – perfect for tired feet or on a hot day.

Whilst these are some of our favourite locations for wedding photography in Melbourne, there are hundreds more waiting to be discovered, from graffiti covered laneways to archways and gardens around some of Melbourne’s most famous and best loved buildings. Whatever your taste, the city is sure to have something perfect to complement your affordable Melbourne wedding photography session.

This is an older post that has been lurking on the blog for a while now, but I do have a more up to date page with even more suggestions of locations for wedding photos around Melbourne so click the link and I’ll see you there!

Choosing Wedding Photography Locations in Melbourne

It doesn’t matter which part of Melbourne your wedding day is held, Wedding Snapper will always find interesting and artistic wedding photography locations.

Beauty can be found almost anywhere – sometimes it can just mean the cropping of  ‘messy’ backgrounds to keep the balance of the photograph intact or embracing graffiti or a dark dingy laneway for mood shots.

We will discuss suitable locations prior to your wedding day and constantly scout during your shoot – keeping our eyes open for points of interest.

In no particular order, here are some of our favourite photographic locations around Melbourne:

  • The Yarra Boatsheds
  • Brighton Beach Boxes
  • Parliament building
  • Melbourne Zoo
  • Hosier Lane & other graffiti laneways
  • Melbourne Aquarium
  • Luna Park, St Kilda
  • Williamstown – Nelson Place, Pier & Boatsheds
  • Treasury & Fitzroy Gardens
  • Bridges over the Yarra River
  • Melbourne Botanic Gardens
  • Windsor Hotel

We’re always open to new ideas so if there is somewhere special to you, or something you’ve seen that you’d like to incorporate into your own wedding photos then please feel free to suggest it.

Melbourne Wedding Photography