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Love & Thanks


The last wedding I photographed in 2017 was on a private property in a beautiful hilltop location in Gippsland with views out to the ocean. Glorious sunshine, a light breeze and a field full of tall swaying grass made the perfect wedding photography location at sunset.

Thanks to all the couples who trusted me to photograph their weddings in 2017 – it’s genuinely appreciated and I enjoyed being part of each and every one.  To all the couples who have booked me to photograph their wedding in 2018, I look forward to working with you and will no doubt be speaking with you soon to finalise details for your day. If you’re yet to book your wedding photography then I’d be pleased to discuss the various wedding photography packages on offer – drop me a line here.

A happy and peaceful new year to you all!

Fiji Wedding?

With nearly all weddings, I meet the couple beforehand as it’s good for both parties to check the other isn’t a lunatic(!), ask a few questions and get some background on the couple, the wedding, their tastes and preferences. It also stops us being strangers on the day of the wedding so lets me get on with my job and the couple don’t feel that they have a complete stranger hanging around them!

With that said, it’s not always possible to meet a couple so preliminary meetings might be done over Skype or Facetime, which is pretty good as you get a sense of the person and then get to recognise them on the day!

And then there is the last minute booking. Sometimes, couples decide they don’t need a photographer, or professional wedding photography isn’t in their budget or unfortunately have a wedding photographer cancel on them at very late notice.

It’s usually fun to get a last minute request for a wedding as you don’t quite know what you’re going to get or who you’re going to meet. This was the case last week when Nicole & Dean booked me with literally a few hours to spare.

As it turned out, Nicole was a local Melbourne girl before moving to Europe and Dean is from my old stomping ground in north west London and much like me, isn’t a soccer fan!  That is pretty unusual where we come from!

So, from knowing nothing about these two, an hour into their married life I knew quite alot about them both and also know the venue where they will be holding their UK wedding – though to be honest, I don’t think I have ever been there sober or in daylight hours!


Although the photo may look like they were in Fiji, the location was a little more local than that, in the very versatile Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.

If you do happen to be getting married in Fiji, I’d love to have a chat with you about photographing your wedding!

Click here to chat Fiji with me. Bula!!!!!







Weddings often bring out the best in people. But I’m not talking about the guests consisting of friends and family, who are obviously going to be happy for the couple.

It’s the strangers that toot their horn, congratulate the couple in the street or invite them onto their property for photos (the stunning Portsea house and garden sticks in my mind!).

These random greetings or gestures of kindness are often unexpected and quite often surprise a newly married couple in a lovely way.

Most of the time, the recipient doesn’t have time to stop and chat or utter anything other than a quick thank-you before being herded on to the next location for photos or get to the reception venue.

So, for once I’d like to be able to say a big thank you.

This time, it’s to the staff at Main Street in Mordialloc for being the perfect hosts recently when I stopped in with Tina & Thomas for a restorative latte and a few photos between locations. The cafe was a special place for the two of them while living in nearby Mentone, training to be commerical pilots.

So, to all those cafe and restaurant staff, random members of the public and anyone else who goes the extra mile to pass on their congratulations, shout free coffees or just generally do something nice – THANK YOU!

Mind the Gap

I’ve always loved the London Underground.  I obviously whinged about it every day when I lived in London – that’s just what you do when your train is delayed by a minute and the next one isn’t due for another 3 minutes!

Naturally, the black bogies, leaking tunnels and lack of air conditioning aren’t ideal, but it’s still an amazing network for getting around the city.

Once again, this is another post that isn’t really related to wedding photography but I did meet my other half on the tube – that kind of qualifies, right?!   No, she wasn’t a ticket inspector, fare dodger, pickpocket or busker. She is Australian, and somehow didn’t receive the ‘no talking to strangers on the tube’ memo when she departed Melbourne for London.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this poignant short film, based on a true story about the widow of the ‘Mind the Gap’ station announcer who used to visit the tube following his death just to hear his voice.

Cups Estate Winery, Mornington Peninsula

For perhaps the biggest day of your life, it is totally understandable that you’d want to have it held in an equally special venue. While there are many other wedding venues on the Mornington Peninsula that would be suitable for your wedding ceremony and reception, the Cups Estate Winery is one of the best venues in the region, with great food, wine and superb views to enjoy and utilise for wedding photography while your guests enjoy some local wines.

A Short History of the Cups Estate Winery

Started in the year 1999, the Cups Estate Winery is nestled in an undulating region of dunes popularly known as the cups. The name was inspired by the description of the early settlers, that the topography of the area looked like natural cups and saucers. The undulating and unique dunes in the area also offer the perfect golfing location and ideal conditions for wine makers.

The winery is merely a stone’s throw away from the open ocean as well as Port Phillip Bay. Its location is on the renowned sand belt which attracts many golfers to the golf courses of the Mornington Peninsula region.

Owners of the venue, Joe & Carmen Fisicaro used to spend most of their weekends in Rye and it was until Joe stumbled upon the piece of land located on Browns Road that was originally used to stable the horses.

In spite of advice to the contrary, Joe decided to plant vines and that is when he found out that it was a wonderful site for growing grapes. The Cups Estate is found at the western end of Peninsula wine region and is notably different from the rest of the wineries on the area as far as wind exposure and soil are concerned.

Great Tasting and Exceptional Wine You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Richard McIntyre, the winemaker, has a non-interventionist approach when it comes to wine preparation so you can look forward to lightness and delicacy. His strict attention to detail and vast experience has won him widespread recognition and praise. The place’s nearness to the sea allows different grape varieties like Merlot and Shiraz to ripen, varieties which can be rarely grown on Mornington Peninsula. Wines in the Cups Estate are quite different from the others in the Peninsula when it comes to the richness and weight of the fruit. All fruit in the wines are grown within the Estate.

Your Unique Wedding Venue Like No Other

Similar with many of the boutique vineyards today, the Cups Estate Winery is under family operation. The Fisicaros hail from Sicily and the influence of their Italian descent is very evident in the wine, food and pace of life in the exposed vistas and rolling shallow hills. Carmen is the one in charge of catering while their eldest daughter, Linda, looks after the legal matters. Paul maintains the website, wile the youngest son, Lee, is the Business and Marketing Manager.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue on the Mornington Peninsula, Cups Estate Winery is a venue you should definitely test out over a leisurely lunch or Sunday afternoon drink to see if it ticks all your boxes. As you probably know, we love wedding photography on the Mornington Peninsula, so please drop us a line to chat about your plans.