The Best Marriage Celebrants in Melbourne & Yarra Valley

As a wedding photographer working in Melbourne & the Yarra Valley I have seen many celebrants in action.  There are LOADS of marriage celebrants plying their trade in these areas, and I have had the good fortune of working with some really great celebrants.

I have also had the misfortune of working with some of the worst, car crash, please-make-it-stop kind of marriage celebrants too! On the up-side, I guess they make me really appreciate the good ones!!

So, I’m going to tell you about the good ones.

The celebrants that do a great job, arrive on time, are personable, aren’t like used car salesmen (why are used car salespeople nearly always men?!), know how to smile, put people at ease and just generally know how to conduct a great ceremony.

Stray from the well lit road if you choose, but I’m only going to say ‘I told you so!’ if you do…


In no particular order, all of the following know their onions and are a pleasure to work with:

Maree Livy

Located close to the gateway of the Yarra Valley, Maree Livy is the marriage celebrant who always has the best shoes!  She LOVES shoes, as her Instagram feed will attest to.   I first met Maree at a Stones of the Yarra Valley wedding and we still work together there alot.  In fact, I only ever see Maree at great wedding venues, and they’re all mostly in the Yarra Valley.  Maybe it has something to do with the shoes?!


Paul Bonadio

Paul Bonadio is a funny guy.  He should be – he’s also a stand up comedian. Click on through to listen to a recent interview with Paul and Anthony from Melbourne’s popular wedding videographers Videoboutique


Sam Lavery 

Like Paul Bonadio, Sam always rates highly on the chuckleometer (OK, so I made the measurement up but I promise he’s funny!). Sam also used to be a stand up comedian.  I’m guessing weddings have fewer hecklers to deal with?  Although, some of the weddings I’ve been to…


Bronte Price

Bronte Price is probably Melbourne’s most popular gay marriage celebrant. You’ll often see him popping up on The Project with a juicy quote or two.  He is also the co-founder of The Equality Network which has been set up to educate and inform wedding professionals how to work respectfully with LGBTI couples.


Andrew Redman

One of Melbourne’s most popular marriage celebrants and the multi ABIA award winner Andrew Redman is very popular with couples due to his impeccable presentation and knack of making everyone feel welcome and relaxed.  Rumour has it, that he has had to dedicate a whole room in his home just to accomodate all his awards!


Anthony Cribbes

Want to avoid predictable and boring?  Make Anthony Cribbes‘ website your next stop. A little bit left of centre and not afraid to be the entertainer, Anthony always knows how to get a laugh from your guests while still keeping the marriage ceremony about you two and your love for each other.


Hopefully you have now ticked the marriage celebrant off your to-do list so it’s time to book the venue, but before you do, take a read through this wedding photographers list of recommended wedding venues.

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