Andrew Redman, Marriage Celebrant

Whenever I see Andrew Redman officiating at a wedding and we’re doing the small talk and catching up either before or after the ceremony, I’m always blown away by the number of couples he is able to unite in marriage each week.

I usually take one booking a weekend to ensure that I’m tip-top and raring to go at each wedding, but I know plenty of wedding photographers take on 2, 3 or even 4 wedding photography jobs a week.  Good on them, but I don’t think I have the stamina to attempt 4 in a week!

Of all the celebrants that I have the pleasure of working with, Andrew has to be the busiest one, with some weekends seeing him officiating at up to 6 weddings.  If you ask him, he probably has a personal best that even he probably doesn’t want to try beating!

Having been involved in corporate life previously, Andrew has plenty of real world experience and knows how to manage a crowd so that they’re all entertained and involved in the marriage ceremony. His public speaking and presentation skills are exemplary, with the professionalism, humour and respect that you would expect.

As with all the celebrants I recommend, Andrew knows to move aside at the moment of the kiss so as not to ruin the classic shot. In fact, he is rarely in the frame throughout the ceremony, operating from the side of the couple so that it’s all about ‘them’ rather than him.

A few Melbourne marriage celebrants might like to learn that valuable trick….!

As with all the recommended marriage celebrants that I prefer to work with, Andrew Redman is a pleasure to work with and gets a thumbs up from me.

See Andrew in action in this recent wedding video by Videoboutique:

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