Anthony Cribbes

Anthony Cribbes is a marriage celebrant.  But not just any marriage celebrant.

He is the kind of marriage celebrant that you’d like to have hosting YOUR wedding and that experienced wedding photographers like to recommend to their clients.

Why?  Well, for one, he’s often mistaken for a guest.  With his casual and relaxed vibe, many guests mistake Anthony for another guest or assume that the couple have a friend that can legally marry them.  Nope, Anthony is just an easy going guy who knows how to fit right in and make everyone feel at ease.

Like the lovechild of Tim Burton, Danny DeVito and maybe Beetlejuice himself, Anthony isn’t your average marriage celebrant. And who needs ‘average’ to feature in their wedding anyway?!

(I’m not sure that his 3 celebrity parents are quite the perfect description for him but until I can rustle up a better comparison, they’ll have to do.)

I’ve personally seen Anthony in action at weddings around Melbourne 7 or 8 times now and each time he has gone down a storm with the couple.

After photographing a wedding I always ask the couple what they think of their other suppliers – videographers, venues, florist etc, just so that I know I’m still recommending the best suppliers when I pass their details onto the couples who have booked my photography services. Anthony always comes out with full marks!

When Anthony isn’t tending to his beloved veggie patch or officiating at marriage ceremonies around Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, he can often be found conducting marriage ceremonies at his latest venture, The Altar Electric.

The Altar Electric is a fun alternative to somewhere like the Melbourne Registry for weddings with up to 20 guests.

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