The Briars, the newest old wedding venue on the Mornington Peninsula

Located at Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, The Briars, a stunning, rural property, is a delightful old Homestead set on 230 hectares, and steeped in local history, fauna, and flora.

It is considered one of the oldest properties in Mornington Peninsula and was first settled in year 1840 by Captain James Reid, a former army officer. He took up the 2000 hectare pastoral lease that he called Tichin-Gorourke after the Boonwurrung name for Balcombe Creek, which incidentally, means the voice of many frogs. The name also offers a clue to the amount of wildlife on the property!

What It Offers

As part of your wedding planning, why not njoy an ultimate bush experience with The Briars?  Take a night bushwalk with the Ranger in the Wildlife Sanctuary of The Briars. With a lot of native wildlife coming out after dark, there’s a guided night walk that will give you the chance to make most of the natural surroundings.

Such walks are a combination of spotlighting for the nocturnal animals, which learn about their environment as well as enjoying the wonders at night. Some of the animals you can see include possums, wallabies, kangaroos, insect-eating bats, and koalas.

The Briars also features the Visitor Centre that will enable you to explore the visual displays and watch informative or detailed audio-visual presentation, which presents the park’s overview. You can try bird watching and continue exploring the sanctuary along the walking trail. You may also take a guided tour of the historic homestead with one of the knowledgeable volunteer guides.

Why Does It Make a Great Location for a Wedding Ceremony or Wedding Photography?

There are countless reasons why The Briars is a great location for wedding photography or a wedding ceremony. Aside from being a beautiful place rich with history, it also well suited to the job, having well maintained facilities suitable for any kind of wedding ceremony and limitless bush and rustic settings which are perfect for wedding photography.

The Briars Barn is perfect for engagements and weddings. The Historic Homestead Garden is also a great place for wedding ceremonies if you like something intimate. Depending on your wedding needs, you can guarantee that The Briars is a place that you should not miss when you are looking for a venue for your wedding ceremony or even just a wedding photography location.  Please note, a fee may be payable if you are considering using the venue solely for photography but not hosting your wedding there.

There are different walks you can enjoy at The Briars. Whether you are a nature lover or just want something special and intimate, both the Wildlife Sanctuary and other places around the property will give you an unforgettable experience on your wedding day.

The Briars is no doubt one of the best locations on the Mornington Peninsula that you should consider when looking for a wedding venue. If you want to take hold your wedding or have photos take at this historic and rustic bush setting, make sure to contact the staff of The Briars well in advance of your proposed date as it is becoming a popular location for weddings. Find out more about the history of The Briars at  .

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