The good thing about your Mac dying is rediscovering your old photos

My trusty Mac died this week (resuscitation pending) and initially it bummed me out, but then I started delving into old folders of images backed up on hard drives and started to enjoy myself!

Isn’t finding things you’d forgotten about ace? Some of the pictures from several years ago that I had shot around London were a surprise, but it’s been good reacquainting myself with them.


The picture above was one Sunday in January 2006, when everything was a little chilly, but bright. I remember that I had decided to go to Columbia Road flower market with some atmospheric photos of the action, drank one coffee too many, got into the groove and turned the day into a walking tour with my camera around east London.

The Love graffiti was just on a construction site board and looked really vibrant against the rest of the dreary Shoreditch street.

Who knows what treasures I’ll unearth next….

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