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One of the most recommended wedding photographers in Melbourne offers tips and advice on how to improve your wedding photography skills and nail it on the day.

Wet weather wedding photography locations in Melbourne

So, what if it rains on my wedding day? I wasn’t planning on writing a post on the heavens opening and lashing you with rain on your wedding day, but came across this image as I was archiving some previous wedding photos and thought I might add it to my Plan B wet weather options…

Amazing first dance by Melbourne couple thats gone viral

Check out the amazing first dance by these Melbourne newlyweds Ryan and Frankie that has gone around the world thanks to the internet. I’m sure they didn’t expect the attention it’s received! I’m guessing that Melbourne wedding videographers Life in Light are going to see an increase in bookings!

Inspiration for your wedding

We wedding photographers love Etsy – it’s such a great place to pick up new art, inspiration and everything else in between! It’s convenient too – we don’t even need to remove ourselves from the sofa/pub/bath/bed to do our browsing and shopping. So, you can imagine our excitement when we heard about the new Etsy…

Which photographs are the most important at a wedding?

Arguably, the most important shots from a set of wedding photographs are those featuring the bride and groom kissing during the ceremony or the posed shots of the couple at their chosen location somewhere in Melbourne or the Yarra Valley. For me, just as important are the detail shots from various parts of the day….

Tips on how to create crisp, vibrant images that ‘pop’

There are a number of ways to get really vibrant wedding photography that will ‘pop’ out of the screen or page, with the first being the use of high quality lenses. The superior build quality with better glass will give you a sharper and in theory, less distorted image. The camera can also make a…

Why do good Melbourne wedding photographers shoot in RAW?

Lately I’ve been asked whether I shoot wedding photography in RAW. Once I say that I do indeed, the next question is usually, “What is RAW?” Couples now seem to ask the first question as a matter of course and then I bore them with a long winded answer about why I prefer to shoot…

Tips for great wedding photography in wet weather

What happens if it rains on my wedding day? They do say it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding, but we’re not entirely convinced! Don’t get us wrong, rain is a wonderful thing – especially when Melbourne is often so short of the wet stuff – but in most people’s dreams about…