Tips on how to create crisp, vibrant images that ‘pop’

There are a number of ways to get really vibrant wedding photography that will ‘pop’ out of the screen or page, with the first being the use of high quality lenses.

The superior build quality with better glass will give you a sharper and in theory, less distorted image.
The camera can also make a big difference. Pro level cameras usually have a better sensor, better resolution, and better processing.

All Digital cameras are designed to capture images that are a little low in contrast and a little soft.   This is so the camera can capture the greatest amount of data from a scene.

You are expected in take your images into Photoshop and sharpen them and raise the contrast slightly.
When possible you should shoot in RAW format. Then in software like Lightroom (my preferred method) or Photoshop, you can add some contrast, exposure, or clean up the color balance.

I would also recommend adding clarity and vibrance to portrait images but don’t recommend adding saturation to a portrait as the vibrance will do this.

For landscapes you would add saturation and little or no vibrance. Shooting in RAW allows you to change your white balance in post production and refine it for those tricky lighting situation.

As far as how much to sharpen, this really comes down to personal taste.  Sharpening amount is based on the file size, with bigger files needing more sharpen, smaller files needing less.

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These recommendations should greatly improve the pop of your images. That pop is mostly sharpness and contrast, just don’t over do it, because then it can look really fake.

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