Looking for Wedding Photographers in Brunswick?

If you’re searching for wedding photographer prices and packages in Brunswick or Fitzroy I might have just saved you $1000!

Yes, by stumbling across this page you may have just saved a large sum of money on the cost of your wedding photography.

How? Well, I offer a photography service that caters for clients across Melbourne and believe in offering a fair service for a fair price.

Sound good? Want to know how I do it?

It’s surprisingly simple. I don’t rent or own large studios or store fronts in the hottest parts of town like Carlton, Fitzroy or Brunswick so I don’t have huge overheads meaning I can keep my prices considerably cheaper than many other wedding photographers out there.

So, because I don’t have to shoot 100 weddings a year just to pay the bills, I not only stay fresh and enthused about my work but I can offer clients great deals on wedding photography packages in Melbourne.

Sure, I’d like to have a flashy store front on Nicholson Street or Lygon Street and be able to pop to the Vegie Bar for lunch and then sink a refreshing ale at Little Creatures after a hard day of selling wedding packages to meet targets, but I prefer the freedom of keeping overheads to a minimum and working for a photography business rather than working for a business that has to sell X units every month and also takes photos – I find that removes some of the love and excitement from the job.

I rent a very small office in Melbourne CBD primarily for meeting clients who have to meet in the city and want to pop out of the office in their lunch break to tick something off the wedding to-do list, but I meet most of our clients though, in their own home or in our home based studio in the Bayside suburbs.

After comparing my prices to those on offer from the photography studios in the Fitzroy & Brunswick area I’m happy to tell you that my wedding photography prices are, on average, $1000 cheaper for a comparative product and service. So, whilst you won’t see a flashy window display and expensive leather sofas in my showroom you know you’re guaranteed a great price!