Dark & Stormy Wedding Photography at Immerse Winery

Wedding Photography at Immerse Winery

Apparently some parts of the Yarra Valley receive considerably more rain than others, and following some of my experiences at Immerse winery in the last few years, I’m guessing this could be the reason their grounds look fantastic and always in bloom!

The perk of a wet wedding is that you often get mean and moody looking skies during the wedding photography session which can add a really dramatic effect to the photos. Take a look at Kristian & Emma’s recent photographs from their wedding at Immerse Winery in Dixons Creek as a perfect example.
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Wet or dry, I’m looking forward to returning to Immerse in the Yarra Valley as it’s always such a warm welcome and a really great venue to hold a wedding at, with a chapel on site, friendly staff and amazing food. Plus, for the kids, they open up the boardroom and show movies to keep them entertained during the reception, which is a simple but brilliant idea!

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