What are the best wedding photography locations in Melbourne?

As a Melbourne wedding photographer, I get to see so many great parts of the city that I otherwise might not have stumbled across.

With many of the couples that I book wanting wedding photos that are slightly more interesting or edgier than the usual options, a stroll around the city’s laneways and graffiti covered alleys can turn up some really interesting and unique locations suitable for unposed wedding photography.

As well as graffiti covered laneways around Melbourne, there are some magnificent and elegant buildings which fit perfectly into a well composed photograph of the happy couple.

One of my favourites is the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.  It’s elegant dome and historic gardens all lend an air of sophistication to a wedding photo. The ample space and large iconic backdrop make it perfect for family portraits or group photos with your bridal party.

Although an obvious choice with it being used for wedding photos a thousand and one times before, Parliament is a grand building with huge sandstone pillars, giant stained wooden doors and ornate lamps.
It also doubles as a great wet weather option as it’s mostly undercover once you’ve climbed the steps to it.
You should keep in mind that easy access to the western side of Parliament is only available on public holidays and weekends due to it being a working building. It’s still sometimes possible, but it requires checking in advance.

If Parliament is too busy for your liking, (and it can be a bit of a sausage factory at the weekends in summer) then Fitzroy Town Hall is a great alternative. Very similar in style to Parliament, the Town Hall is a little smaller but still features those stunning columns, steps and old time elegance, minus the crowds!

Victoria Barracks on St Kilda Road is another popular option for bridal photos with the ivy covered walls of this military building providing an elegant and colourful background to shots. It’s particularly good in autumn when the seasons are changing and the leaves are a vibrant red colour.
It’s spectacular at any time of year to be honest!

I’ve mentioned some fairly traditional options for wedding photography locations in Melbourne there, but we’d be pleased to discuss your options with you if you are looking for something more alternative or original. If you have any suggestions of your own, please feel free to make them as we like new ideas too and sometimes a fresh location turns up something totally unexpected which is great for everyone.

Are you expecting rain on your wedding day?  Never fear, as we’ve compiled a list of wet weather wedding photography locations in Melbourne to help you out.

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