Weddings at Shadowfax Winery

As the best Werribee & Geelong region wedding venue Shadowfax Winery offers a one of a kind options and is perfect for informal and more intimate wedding receptions that you and your guests will surely love.

With its stunning surroundings which serve as a great backdrop for its modern building, Shadowfax Winery is best known as one of the premier wedding venues in the area. This is also a local favourite when it comes to birthday events, corporate events and even Christmas functions.

Shadowfax Winery: A Short History

Established way back in 1998, Shadowfax is a boutique winery situated about 30 minutes from Melbourne, nestled close to another popular wedding venue Werribee Mansion, in the heart of Werribee Park. Boasting a genuine dedication to the production of top of the line handcrafted wines which express the unique characteristics of the vineyards where they are grown, Shadowfax is the proud producer of 11,000 cases of premium wines annually. Some of the most in demand varieties include Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz & Pinot Noir, together with a special selection of single-vineyard and highly limited wines.

Origins of the Shadowfax Name

Why was it called Shadowfax, anyway? What inspired the name? Taken from the classic series The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Shadowfax was the horses’ chief. He shine brightly in daylight and passes unseen when the dark of the night comes and it was said that Shadowfax will be a perfectly suitable symbol for the winery. Wines from Shadowfax are seen practically anywhere fine wines are being sipped and enjoyed.

The Design

It’s not a surprise for Shadowfax Winery to be chosen by many couples as their wedding venue. Oozing modernity in both function and design, the exceptional architecture of Shadowfax is a reflection of the attempt of creating harmony between the natural surroundings and the winery. Its terra cotta interior and rusted sheet metal exterior evoke of the best of Australian wine heritage. However, you can tell right away that the Winery is a state of the art development, with every meticulous process needed for the production of fine wines carefully checked and looked into.

The Vineyards

Matt Harrop, the winemaker of Shadowfax, has such a strong emphasis on regionality, with most of the fruit hand-harvested and sourced from Werribee vineyards and the small growers in Geelong, Macedon and Adelaide Hills. Every single vineyard has its own distinct trait and produces only the highest quality of grapes.

How about holding a Wedding at Shadowfax Winery?

From the very start of your wedding event, Shadowfax’s staff will welcome you and all your guests with sparkling wine in their alfresco dining area or lounge, depending on your preference. If you choose to hold your event late into the evening, gardens will be illuminated and candles lit to create an elegant and warm setting.

Of course, no wedding will be complete without food and at Shadowfax, you can look forward to enjoying top quality catering made using only the freshest and finest local produce, handpicked herbs and vegetables from their garden. You are also able to tailor the wedding menu to your choice.

In the Werribee area, Shadowfax is probably the best wedding venue by miles – and definitely the only one with it’s own vineyard!