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Wet weather wedding photography locations in Melbourne

wedding photography locations melbourneI wasn’t planning on writing a post on the heavens opening and lashing you with rain on your wedding day, but came across this image as I was archiving some previous wedding photos and thought I might add it to my Plan B wet weather options list.

You know what they say about having a Plan B?  If you have a back up plan, you won’t need it!  Well, I don’t know anyone that actually says it, but I adhere to this mantra myself and it’s served me pretty well so far!

Most of the time in Melbourne, we’re fortunate with the weather conditions so even if there is a downpour of rain, you can be fairly confident that it will pass quite quickly allowing you to get back outside again.  Whilst it may not be blue skies and brilliant sunshine, there will be plenty of natural light to carry a photo shoot.

With that said, there are those occasional days when it rains. And rains. And rains.   On these days, you’ll be glad of that Plan B!

I always draw up a list of wet weather wedding photography locations in Melbourne just to cover myself.  The last thing I want is a bride and groom sheltering from the rain with a photographer scratching his head and wondering where to go.

If you’d like to chat about your wedding photography locations then please get in touch as I’ll be able to offer ideas for most eventualities.

In case you’re wondering where this photo was taken, you might be disappointed to learn that it’s in a building that doesn’t allow wedding photography – the foyer of 101 Collins Street.  I wasn’t planning on using it as a location but we were using it as a shortcut to reach Flinders Lane and I rattled off a few frames on the way through.  That said, I would use it again if a client didn’t mind undertaking some spontaneous guerilla wedding photography!  A wet wedding day could be the deciding factor on that one!