When should I book my wedding photographer?

OK, so the venue for the wedding is booked. What next?

Well, next on the list is usually the photographer. And thats where we come in.
Some people book a week in advance (no kidding! It’s rare, but it happens!) and some people book 18 months ahead.
It’s all down to the couple and how organised they are.
Some people sleep more easily at night knowing that all their wedding providers are locked in and the excel spreadsheet looks orderered, colour coded and pretty and there are those who are a little more casual and free flowing (some might say disorganised, but we’re not to judge anyone!) booking in a meeting with a photographer next time they have a pile of boring things to do at work.

In short, there is no set time on when you should book in your photographer, but if you like the look of their website and like the ‘cut of their jib’ in the about section then pick up the phone, even if your ceremony is next week – you never know! We all have holes in the diary which we’re happy to fill – and most photographers love a midweek wedding!
In short, if you’re looking for averages, most couples book their wedding photography one year in advance. Sometimes, it’s almost to the day!

We’d love to shoot your wedding for you so drop us a line or pick up the phone and we’ll check the diary. Should we already be booked we would be pleased to recommend one of several great and affordably priced wedding photographers in Melbourne.

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