Oh, Bollocks!

OK, so the bride has just reached the altar with her Father, who has shaken the groom’s hand, kissed his daughter and is now walking away, confident that he has fulfilled his parental duties brilliantly.

Which he has, until….. he accidentally steps on the bride’s veil tearing it from her head.

I can almost hear the swearing from his internal monologue.  Trust me, it was some of the foulest language I’ve (never actually) heard in a church!

Now, for some brides this would be an absolute disaster, but not Jess.  Jess throws her head back and laughs.  Dad isn’t laughing quite so hard at this point!

It’s funny, but for me this photo of Michael & Jess perfectly typifies my kind of customer.  Sure, they all want their wedding day to run smoothly but sometimes things do go a little awry and they’re calm about it, and I for one appreciate that!

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This photo is also a great example of how sometimes a not-quite-perfect picture is worth keeping.  It captures a moment and although technically it’s a bit ropey, you can see past that because the content is so engaging.

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