Which photographs are the most important at a wedding?

Arguably, the most important shots from a set of wedding photographs are those featuring the bride and groom kissing during the ceremony or the posed shots of the couple at their chosen location somewhere in Melbourne or the Yarra Valley.

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For me, just as important are the detail shots from various parts of the day. Quite often, as all the guests are sitting down to their meals at the reception venue I will crack out the macro lens and start shooting some of the reception details whilst everyone is distracted by their food.
I quite enjoy this time, as more often than not, the objects don’t move, I don’t have to give instructions, and it’s just me, my narrow point of focus and a few minutes of quiet to regroup before I’m up and running around again.

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If making a wedding album, these detail shots are also important to the loose narrative that usually runs through an album, punctuating the story and giving the viewer a taste of everything that happened on the day.

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So, if you’re at a wedding reception anytime soon and you see the photographer still playing with their camera rather than taking a break, you’ll know why!

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