Why Choose a Wedding Photographer and Videographer Who Have Worked Together Before?

It goes without saying that quality wedding photographs are my passion and all I do, but as a photographer I have to admit that I’m often quite envious of the sense of freedom that the videographers I work with have.  The angles, the hilarious best man’s speech, the tracking shot. All things I’ll never be able to do!

A professional photographer will ensure that the images of your wedding are timeless moments to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

A videographer, on the other hand, will capture all of the action – that which cannot be expressed in a photo. The carefully composed vows, the cheers, the tears and the dancing: all of this vibrant activity can be preserved by the skills by an experienced wedding videographer.

It makes sense, then, to hire both.

Wedding Photographers and videographers however, are often the cats-and-dogs of the wedding industry. They often vie for space at the wedding venue, competing over who gets to shoot what. Often, the combination can be problematic. The videographer might get in the way of an all-important photo.  The photographer, on the other hand, could walk through the videographer’s shot whilst trying to grab the moment they have envisaged.

That’s why most people tend to hire videographers and photographers who have worked together before. Not only does is this more convenient for the sake of planning (you can source both photographer and videographer at the same time), but it will also ensure that filming and photography are carried out smoothly.

Video and photo teams with past working relationships gel together more comfortably on the big day. They have a stronger “feel” for each other’s individual working styles. They have rehearsed their skills so that they do not clash at crucial photo/video moments.

Both professionals have a system – a co-ordinated “dance” of sorts – by which they know who gets priority over which shot.

If you browse the web for wedding film teams, you’ll find many companies that incorporate both photographers and videographers. This guarantees that both videographers and photographers have worked together in the past and arrive at your wedding with a positive working relationship already in place.

Hiring a video and photo professional from the same company can also save you plenty of time and money with some offering a discount on usual prices when booking both services.

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