Why do good Melbourne wedding photographers shoot in RAW?

Lately I’ve been asked whether I shoot wedding photography in RAW.
Once I say that I do indeed, the next question is usually, “What is RAW?”

Couples now seem to ask the first question as a matter of course and then I bore them with a long winded answer about why I prefer to shoot wedding photography in RAW. Sorry to all those people I have bored with this previously!
In an effort not to bore any more Melbourne brides and grooms I have gathered some information that explains RAW in a little detail, with a link to continue reading if you want to be a nerd like me!

So, here we go…..
The RAW file format is digital photography’s equivalent of a negative in film photography: it contains untouched, “raw” pixel information straight from the digital camera’s sensor. The RAW file format has yet to undergo demosaicing, and so it contains just one red, green, or blue value at each pixel location. Digital cameras normally “develop” this RAW file by converting it into a full color JPEG or TIFF image file, and then store the converted file in your memory card. Digital cameras have to make several interpretive decisions when they develop a RAW file, and so the RAW file format offers you more control over how the final JPEG or TIFF image is generated.

A RAW file is developed into a final JPEG or TIFF image in several steps, each of which may contain several irreversible image adjustments. One key advantage of RAW is that it allows the photographer to postpone applying these adjustments — giving more flexibility to the photographer to later apply these themselves, in a way which best suits each image.

To learn more about RAW images, become a fully fledged nerd and also why Wedding Snapper Photography favours using them over JPEG images, Click Here.

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