Beer Powered Wedding Nudity. Well, almost nude.

Guests at a wedding can be a little unpredictable at times. More often than not, in a good way.  Well, a way that gives me a chuckle at least!

Jacqui & Lee’s wedding ceremony at the elegant Melbourne Town Hall with a reception following at The Pumphouse Conservatory in Fitzroy seemed straight forward enough.

There weren’t any obvious candidates for smutty joke telling at the bar, no cheeky cousins giving one of the oldies bunny ears in the group photos and definitely nobody that looked like they wanted to pop something erm, ‘special’ in the couple’s wedding photos.

And thats where Steve flew under the radar and surprised me with his almost-nude request.  Being an obliging fellow I duly snapped a few frames that Jacqui and Lee will no doubt, have on display in their home. Possibly in a heart shaped frame. Possibly not.

As to the random chaps he posed with outside the pub.  Well, I have no idea what they made of it, but if they’re reading this and would like a print for their own heart shaped frames then just drop me a line.

candid wedding photography melbourne

candid wedding photography melbourne

Isn’t beer wonderful?!

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