How To Find A Last Minute Wedding Photographer

Has your wedding photographer just cancelled at the last minute? 

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Even with the best laid wedding plans, problems sometimes occur.   Wedding photographer cancellations are rare, but due to unforeseen circumstances such as sudden illness, family emergency or a car accident, they do occasionally happen.

There are two things you should do if you receive the dreaded phone call that your wedding photographer is cancelling on you.

The first is Don’t Panic!

The second thing is the same as the first. Don’t Panic!  It WILL get sorted!

Depending on whether the wedding photographer has cancelled 3 hours or 3 weeks before the wedding will dictate how you play this.

Now, the next thing you need to do is start googling ‘wedding photography melbourne’ to find a few photographers to check on availability. 

If you only have 3 hours, go to page 4 or 5 of the google search results and start calling them one by one.  These photographers are often a little less busy than those on page 1.

I know it might seem unlikely that a photographer is going to be free in the middle of peak season, but it does happen!

Hopefully they are as professional as myself and my other wedding photography colleagues and if not available themselves, will be able to put the call out that there is a couple in need of some help!

During peak season there is often a shout out for help in the wedding photographers groups for help in some form or another. 

We’re a pretty tight bunch and obviously all compete against each other in business, but we’re pretty good at pulling together with a united front to solve a problem like a stricken bride or groom.

In some cases where photographers have stepped into the breach at the last minute, they have shot the first half of the wedding and another photographer has tag-teamed with them to shoot the second half or wedding reception. 

It doesn’t really matter who shoots what and when, just as long as it gets photographed. 

A skilled photo editor can blend the two photographers work in the post production to give the photos a consistent look and style.

If you have 3 weeks to play with before the wedding then call the photographer who’s work you like the look of and explain your dilemma. It is also worth mentioning the price you had agreed for your wedding photography package with the previous photographer.

Hopefully they have a magic blank space in the diary for your date so can take the job on for you; in which case pop the kettle on for a nice chamomile tea and breathe a sigh of relief! 

If they’re already booked, hopefully they’ll be sympathetic to your cause and offer a few suggestions or make a few calls on your behalf.

Do you need a last minute wedding photographer? 

Call me!  0450 586 561 are the magic numbers. 

I might be free for a last minute booking, but if I’m not, I can you give you some more recommendations of other wedding photographers to try and I’ll also put a shout out on the Melbourne wedding photographers Facebook group.  If I have time I’ll make a few phone calls too.

Between all the recommended wedding photographers in the Melbourne area, we’ll find you a replacement to save the day!    Whatever happens, DON’T PANIC!!!!