Greenfields, Albert Park

Finding a place where you can recharge and relax in the city can be a little tricky. Luckily, there’s no need to search further as Albert Park’s newest venue, Greenfields offers wholesome food, great views and a place to find a little bit of calm (and some yoga classes if so inclined!) .

Greenfields is not only a great cafe , but also a versatile venue with a function space suited to weddings and a variety of events.

An Overview of Greenfields

Greenfields was made as a sanctuary in an urban city. It’s a place for everyone to enter a place of gathering and community with their furry friends, kids, and loved ones. What makes it an appealing place is that it aims to work with the health leaders and industry wellness experts to have a community aimed at improving one’s wellness and health from the ground up. Greenfields is known for providing great food and hosting different unique events for different groups and interests throughout the year.

Through creativity and innovation, the people behind Greenfields aim to set a whole new standard of entertaining and events by offering wholesome, real foods and beverages from their Eatery to private dining and events. They serve guests as if they are family, and strive to bring their best to each encounter. They also aim to deliver unwavering teamwork and honest communication.

Experience the Difference at Greenfields

At Greenfields, you can recharge, relax, and reflex with full sensory experience. Enter a place where you can gather with your loved ones and friends and escape all your worries for the meantime. The venue is open from Wednesday through to Sunday. The venue takes pride in having a pet-friendly eatery at the Albert Park lakeside.

The Eatery

Greenfields has a cafe/restaurant that offer nourishing, healthy and honest options, drawing from organic, raw, fermented and local products. If you are a health conscious individual and you want to share your healthy lifestyle with your guests during your wedding day or celebratory event, Greenfields will undoubtedly create an impression.

Greenfields is suited to all events, not just weddings.

Greenfields is an alternative location for corporate, social, lifestyle, wedding, and private dining events. Guests will love its open and light plan design along with panoramic views of the Albert Park Lake and its surroundings.

The venue features an event space that’s lined with open windows, lakeside outdoor lawn, lakeside bar, outdoor terrace with bar area and decked bbq area. There is also a green room that’s double purpose and a bridal suite. All of these feature panoramic views of the lake, golf course, and the surroundings.

Greenfields is available to host wellness and lifestyle events with unlimited creativity. Think outdoor or indoor yoga and meditation classes, boutique market, mindfulness session, corporate workshops and lunch or breakfast events. Greenfields is partnered with industry leaders to provide impeccable service and encourage as well as educate every guest on love for life, happiness, health, and balance.

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