The Willows

I can’t say I’m surprised by the news of the recent closure of The Willows. (June 28, 2018).

As a wedding photographer, it was probably my least favourite wedding venue in Melbourne for a number of reasons. These include surly service from some of the staff, lack of parking, lack of space for wedding photos and the wedding venue basically being a marquee that is attached to a historic building.

In recent years I’ve been turning down enquiries for weddings at the venue, and I know I’m not the only wedding photographer in Melbourne to have been doing that!

The recent weddings I shot there always left me feeling pretty cranky with the staff.

The wait staff on the floor doing the hard work were always pleasant enough, but those above them were never friendly and always seemed to be really abrupt with the staff working for them.  As for me, they couldn’t have given two hoots.  That kind of thing doesn’t create the right impression.

Most good wedding venues have professional staff who are polite, friendly and professional with whoever they are dealing with – guests, celebrant, their client, or me.  The Willows usually kept the client happy but that was it.  Overall, meh.

As an historic Melbourne building, it’s great and deserves a fabulous future.  Hopefully one without a flimsy marquee stapled to the side of it!

I really feel for the couples who have lost their deposits to these unscrupulous venue managers who clearly knew they were in a hole but just kept taking the money from clients.

I like to think that they might see some of that money again, but unfortunately for them, it’s looking increasingly unlikely at this stage.

If you’ve been affected by the closure of The Willows and need a bit of hand with your wedding photography please get in touch and I’ll see what we can work out for you.

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