Weddings often bring out the best in people. But I’m not talking about the guests consisting of friends and family, who are obviously going to be happy for the couple.

It’s the strangers that toot their horn, congratulate the couple in the street or invite them onto their property for photos (the stunning Portsea house and garden sticks in my mind!).

These random greetings or gestures of kindness are often unexpected and quite often surprise a newly married couple in a lovely way.

Most of the time, the recipient doesn’t have time to stop and chat or utter anything other than a quick thank-you before being herded on to the next location for photos or get to the reception venue.

So, for once I’d like to be able to say a big thank you.

This time, it’s to the staff at Main Street in Mordialloc for being the perfect hosts recently when I stopped in with Tina & Thomas for a restorative latte and a few photos between locations. The cafe was a special place for the two of them while living in nearby Mentone, training to be commerical pilots.

So, to all those cafe and restaurant staff, random members of the public and anyone else who goes the extra mile to pass on their congratulations, shout free coffees or just generally do something nice – THANK YOU!