Glasshaus Inside, Glasshaus Outside & Glasshaus Brücke

Since the pandemic we’re finding that many couples are planning weddings that are a little smaller and often more relaxed than perhaps they would have been a few years ago.  Elopement photography in Melbourne has been off the charts for us lately and looks set to continue in 2023.

Along with this trend, we’re also seeing a shift in the type of wedding venue that is being booked. Couples seem to be favouring venues closer to home, venues that are more intimate or unusual and often venues that aren’t usually thought of as wedding venues.

Although the Yarra Valley is still a popular wedding destination, we’re seeing an increased popularity in venues such as Glasshaus Inside & Glasshaus Outside in Richmond which have a beautiful green and outdoor feel, all within the shelter and shade of a city building.  Perfect for Melbourne’s often unpredictable weather!

Glasshaus Outside

Glasshaus-Outside-wedding venue melbourne

Photo courtesy of Glasshaus

Hiding in plain sight as a florist, Glasshaus Outside is located on the corner of Swan Street and Stanley Street in Richmond and self-describes as ‘an inner-city green sanctuary’.

With it’s glasshouse setting featuring vast walls draped in greenery, this light and bright wedding venue is perfect for an indoor-outdoor feel without the danger of getting wet!

We’ve also photographed a number of corporate events and functions here and the vibe is always relaxed.  It doubles as a great location for wedding photos too, even if the weather is fine.

If it’s raining on your wedding day you won’t need to go looking for undercover wedding photography locations in Melbourne like all of the other couples getting married that day.



Glasshaus Inside

Glasshaus-Inside-wedding Venue melbourne

Photo courtesy of Glasshaus

This 1920s warehouse is bathed in natural light and has a great industrial or inner city vibe, softened by the huge array of plants that adorn the walls, floors and ceiling.  A city jungle that describes itself as ‘botanical splendour’.


Situated a 10 minute walk from Glasshouse Outside on Cremorne Street, the venue also provides great wet weather options for photography should you need it.

Even on a fine day, the venue is a great option for couple photos with Richmond somewhat lacking in lush green spaces, although it makes up for that fact with great laneways and city views and photo angles that you can’t achieve elsewhere.






Glasshaus Brücke


Photo courtesy of Glasshaus

Named after the German word for bridge, Glasshaus Brücke is located on Bridge Road in Richmond.  Do you see what they did there?


The newest venue in the Glasshaus Stable, Brücke is less floristry and botanical explosion and more of a contemporary event space coupled with some elegant but still large scale greenery that highlights the art deco architecture.


Whichever of the Glasshaus venues you select for your wedding, you’re guaranteed a stunning backdrop. Trust us, your wedding photographer will be just as excited as you!