Frequently Asked Questions

Over time I get asked very similar questions again and again, so I thought it would be a good idea to offer you some information up front to see if we can answer all your questions before we even meet you.  That way we can spend more time chatting about your ideas and requests for your wedding photography.

Should we expect High-Resolution images from Wedding Snapper?

Yes, Yes, Yes! I ensure that all the images my clients get are of the highest possible resolution as obtainable from my professional Canon 5D MK3.  The camera takes images at a huge resolution of 23 megapixels – rest assured, they’re superb quality. I never compromise any of the photos, the quality should never be tampered with, and you will get wedding photos at a resolution that could easily be used for marketing prints or outdoor adverts.

I deliver a mix of colour and black and white images. Love one more than the other? No problem, we’ll factor that into our edit. As a guide, we usually provide a mix of 70% colour, 30% B&W, and sometimes give you both options on the ‘hero’ images.


How many photos are we entitled to get from this package?

The number of shots taken during the entire wedding ceremony will ultimately depend on the length of the event. If we go to many locations or if there are tea ceremonies or other traditional wedding ceremonies included in the day, there will be more shots taken. On the average, I will have between 450 to 600 wedding shots ready for you when I am done editing and screening out the test shots, shots taken twice and all the other shots that you will not want to see – ie. my feet and a few silly faces between shots.

With most weddings, I usually end up with about 900 shots cull and ultimately edit for printing.

I particularly sort out duplicate shots because I like to capture the ongoing event in different frames as it unfolds. I think it is quite unnecessary to get about 15 shots of the same posture or activity; there should be a variety of shots that will tell an amazing picture story. Some wedding photography services that offer as many as 3,000 shots end up handing over many duplicate shots which will not mean much to the couple and looking through them all doesn’t have the WOW factor you will get from a tightly edited selection.


How do you handle a camera shy couple?

Very easy, 90% of my clients complain about being shy in front of the camera or lacking the creativity to strike a really awesome pose for the camera. I know exactly what to do about this and often use these two strategies that have always worked effectively:

  • The secret is to make the couple forget that I am right there with a camera. This will help you relax and just have fun naturally. I make this happen in different ways, I create a scene where the couple always surrounded with family and friends talking laughing and exchanging lots of pleasantries, this might take a while and it’s a great opportunity to take great shots too. Alternatively, I can lighten up the mood getting the couple to do fun things that will make them forget I am taking their pictures. Getting the couple to act naturally always works and the photos are always beautiful.
  • I actually think it is a bad idea trying to get a couple to pose for a wedding shot. It might work for models who are getting married but for a couple who are already shy of the camera, posing for a wedding shot will make them even more conscious of the camera, the results can’t be good. I try to make my wedding couple relax; there are many ways to do this. You can jump, throw balloons back and forth, make a spin in your awesome wedding dress, and get on a swing or kiss, but never a conscious pose.
  • Another thing I do to be discreet is to use my camera in silent mode, meaning you don’t hear the shutter easily so aren’t aware when I am (or not) taking a photo. This is effective in helping the couple forget about a photographer being in their midst, or at least not draw attention to it.


Will our wedding photos be watermarked?

I am happy I can clarify this; I will not provide you with watermarked wedding pictures. There is no funny business with Wedding Snapper.

You will get high-resolution pictures in a mixture colour and black and white ready to be printed. These shots will be taken with my Canon 5D MK3 camera. The pictures become your property once I am done editing them and you are able to print and share them on social media. The only thing I request is that you don’t use them in any commercial capacity. For instance, if a wedding venue would like to use the photos to help promote themselves then please refer them back to me and I can negotiate a watermarked version for them to use.

I know some wedding photographers try to make you pay more by watermarking the initial photos delivered; you should clarify this before signing an agreement.


What happens if it suddenly begins to rain on my wedding day?

Most people would think this would be a bad thing, but I have a lot of experience working in different conditions and quite often you get something interesting from inclement weather conditions. I love to work on a rainy day; you will be amazed at some of the things you can do with your wedding photos. Modern cameras are so versatile and have such punchy colours and capabilities so don’t worry about the dull weather. In the rain, the colors can look really dramatic and vibrant and the rain drops can add an impressive effect.

I also make it my responsibility to check the weather forecast before the wedding. If it is expected to rain, I will inform my clients and alternative plans can be made. I can suggest other options for wedding photography in undercover locations in Melbourne.


What happens if you do not show up on the wedding day for any reason?

I can proudly say that I have never missed a wedding in over 10 years of shooting wedding photos. I always prepare myself, If I feel I might be ill when the date is close, I get plenty of rest and possibly line up an extra assistant to help with shooting on the day.

Fortunately all had been good so far and I have had to use my emergency plan, but if there is a really serious reason why I might not be able to come for the wedding, there are two amazing photographers who I have personally trained in my style and approach who would be able to seamlessly step into the role. Alternatively, I have worked and socialised in the business long enough to know many other proficient wedding photographers I can contact on your behalf.

In my experience, if you have a back up plan, you rarely need to use it! Which is why you’ll find me with double items for most of my equipment and always traveling with a physical map as well as a GPS!

I hope I have answered some of the common questions about wedding photography there, but should you have any further questions then please do contact me by clicking here or calling on 0450 586 561.