Paul Bonadio


Looking for laughs with your marriage celebrant? Paul Bonadio could be your man.  A celebrant and a stand-up comedian.  A two-for-one.

I’m not the funny one on this page so I’ll let Paul speak for himself – this is what I shamelessly ripped off his website:


I’ll be flat-out honest with you – I have selfish reasons for wanting to be your celebrant. 

I dig the stage. As a stand-up comedian I’ve been lucky enough to support the likes of Fiona O’Loughlin and Dave O’Neil.

Getting up on stage scares a lot of people. Understandably so. I love it. It’s a thrill.

I love writing. I’m a natural storyteller and have written features for Bernard Fanning, Jimmy Barnes, The Rubens and Gareth Liddiard (excuse me while I pick those names up off the floor).

As a celebrant I get to combine those two things. 

For me that’s like hitting a triple-word score with two q’s and a z. It’s like slapping down a draw-four wildcard. It’s like finding the Gameboy key in A*mazing. It’s like beating Rainbow Road on Mario Kart.

It’s like… you get the picture.


Well, you get the gist. He’s not one for stuffy weddings or boring couples.  But c’mon, who is?!

Like most of the wedding suppliers that I’m happy to recommend, Paul can celebrate your marriage in Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Dandeongs, Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula.  He’d be probably also travel further afield if you ask him.


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