Tips on how to find the perfect wedding dress for your Melbourne wedding

There are some pretty important decisions to be made when planning your wedding, and once you’ve booked Wedding Snapper as your photographer, finding that perfect wedding dress is one of them!

Luckily for you dear reader, one of Melbourne’s top wedding dress boutiques Ava Madison has offered some tips on how to secure the perfect wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses without, whilst keeping it all affordable.

-It’s important to have chosen your own gown and the venue prior to sourcing dresses for your maids as this will often guide you when making choices pertaining to style and colour.

-Many brides are time poor so arrange to have all of your bridesmaids present
when you have narrowed down your search for bridesmaid dresses.
-Bring undergarments that are specific to the day when getting measured as
this may alter the final measurements.

-Don’t leave shoes too late! Winter stock hits the stores in February.

-Request the Ava Madison shoe database to assist you with your search for
evening shoes.
-There are no clear rules on what bridesmaids should and should not wear. You
can opt for different styles in the same colour or vice versa.

-Sometime too many choices can be confusing, choose a style/s first and then
select colour.
-Bring in a picture of your dress and a swatch of fabric if possible.

-Ensure you are well informed for e.g satin describes the finish on a fabric
and does not mean you are purchasing a silk garment different suppliers use
different fabrics and do not be afraid to ask if it’s silk satin that you are

-Enjoy the experience as the journey to the most perfect day is sometimes just
as important.