Unconditional Surrender

If you haven’t read Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop then do yourself a favour and grab a copy.  I read it in London whilst working at the tail end of the ‘last great hurrah’ in newspapers (before everything went digital and the printed version of a newspaper just become a financial burden to the publisher) and although I didn’t experience the morally dubious and hedonistic Fleet Street experience of years ago, I certainly got a taste of it whilst working with some of the old boys who didn’t mind a pint or six at lunchtime and had names like Budge or Bilko. They often enjoyed regaling us young pups with stories of the good old days whilst churning out the next issue.

The only reason I mention that is because of the photo below. I love of a bit of Waugh, so when I saw this novel on the shelf of the holiday cottage that the bride and groom were readying themselves in prior to the wedding I couldn’t resist having a little joke with the couple. It’s the kind of title I could see Budge or Bilko using as a headline on an article as a bit of fun. Gawd bless ’em!

relaxed wedding photography melbourne-1877If you’d like to see more examples of relaxed wedding photography from the Melbourne area then please feel free to drop me a line by clicking here. Don’t forget, I travel farther afield upon request to areas including Woodend, Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road and Mornington Peninsula.