Your car as a location for photography

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I love it when a classic old car is used as the bridal car at a wedding.  If you ask me, it adds a touch of class to the occasion.  Sure, you could save some money by booking yourself a taxi – it will get you there, but it doesn’t quite have the same cache as rolling up at a church in some well kept vintage wheels.

The history that also comes up with an old timer is also fun – there is a Rolls Royce that I’ve been in several times now that the Queen Mother apparently used when she was on a visit to Melbourne many years ago.  It’s a great car, but I’d advise against booking it at the peak of summer as it not surprisingly lacks air conditioning!  On a hot day, a cool limo could be very welcome!  Limousines are fine – they get a large group of people from one place to another in relative comfort and at a slightly cheaper price than hiring multiple cars, but they’re not particularly interesting to look at.  They’re functional, and not something that I really want to add to a photograph.

Which brings me to my point.  If you’re booking a car for your wedding please do let me know what type of vehicle it is as quite often it is something I’d like to throw into the shot list for the day.

Are you going to be pressed for photography time on the wedding day? Using the car as a ‘location’ maximises the available time, plus the location doesn’t have to be traveled to – it’s wherever you happen to be parked (within reason, of course!). Exterior and interior shots are both good. Once, I had to shoot the majority of my bridal photos inside a car due to the persistent and heavy rain.  We wouldn’t have achieved the same result in a limo or a modern taxi though.  Small details like worn leather, and the vintage interior were used to great effect to accompany the portraits.

So, if you’re on a tight schedule don’t forget that a great looking car can easily give you an extra photography location without actually going anywhere. Another plus – the car boot is an excellent place to stash and esky full of refreshers to help keep the bridal party relaxed and settle the nerves of anyone who doesn’t usually enjoy being photographed! I think of the important stuff!