Kerrianne & Tim

I really do love working with visitors from out-of-town.  It’s always such fun to see your own city from a different angle or through another persons (fresh) eyes.

Mostly, when I work with couples who are visiting from interstate in order to get married, they are usually from warmer climes further north such as Brisbane, Townsville or the NT, and since their cities or towns don’t always have what makes Melbourne so interesting and special they are always keen to get amongst it and explore.

We usually do the traditional legal stuff first, just like the locals, and then all bets are off as we take a wander through Melbourne’s laneways, alleys, gardens and wherever else takes our fancy.

I love it when couples are happy to let it all unfold and see what happens as it always throws up some fun photography locations and opportunities.

Kerrianne & Tim recently eloped (well, along with 20 family members!) to Melbourne from north Queensland and were keen to take a wander around Melbourne to see a few of the recommended spots that I had told them about, as well as find a few new sites along the way.  We strolled through Fitzroy Gardens for some lush green wedding photography backgrounds before heading back to the CBD streets to find some graffiti and explore the laneways and alleys.

I rarely go to Hosier Lane & ACDC Lane for wedding photos now as it feels a little overdone of late and is often overcrowded at weekends, so it was a nice surprise to see some really great new artworks.

Tim was really excited to find the Malcolm Young mural on ACDC Lane which we incorporated into a few of their wedding photos. The bins are a nice touch, eh?!




Being open to almost anything, Kerrianne & Tim indulged a request of mine to use a stairway on a side of a building just off Flinders Lane that I’ve passed on numerous occasions, but have always been pushed for time or the weather has been bad so I haven’t had the chance to make use of it.




Are you planning on eloping to Melbourne to get married?  I’d love to photograph your marriage and then take you on a wander for some natural and candid photos afterwards – or you can take me on a wander if you prefer!

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