Gardens near the Yarra River, Richmond

There is a stretch along the Yarra river near Richmond which doesn’t have many options if you want wedding photography in picturesque gardens and I’ve often either used the riverside (with it’s never ending stream of joggers!) or moved further afield to Fitzroy Gardens or somewhere similar get the greenery I’ve wanted for the photos. Until now that is!

The bride’s canny auntie at a recent wedding suggested these gardens a few weeks before the wedding so I popped along for a ‘butchers’. What a winner! They’re like the city’s Botanic gardens but much quieter and compact with loads of variety and options for photos. I’ve only seen them in Autumn but I’m excited to see them in the warmer months and can’t wait to get back there to shoot some more.

Where are they? I’m not telling that secret – this ones for clients only!

So, if you’re hosting your wedding reception at somewhere like Leonda by the Yarra, Fenix or The Boulevard then these gardens might be an easy option for some great looking photos.
You might find them by poring over google maps, but make a large pot of tea because it’s going to take you a while